[Rumor] Horizon: Zero Dawn delayed to 2017

21 April, 2016 0

Total: 9 9 0 0 0 Shinobi strikes back. The famous insider, who previously provided tons of information on Guerrilla‘s new game for PS4, has tweeted that (according to his sources) Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting ayed to early 2017. [Read More]

PS4K: codename NEO, Specs, and more…

20 April, 2016 0

New rumors about PS4K. The upgraded PS4 could have unveiled its specifications (much better than PS4). The system would be called internally as NEO. Sony would pretend to keep the user base and the user experience to both type of players (PS4 and NEO users). [Read More]

[Rumor] Fable Legends might be alive

7 April, 2016 0

Total: 2 2 0 0 0 After the closure of Lionhead Studios last month it seemed clear to everyone that Fable Legends was definitively dead. However, the game, cancelled alongside the closure of Lionhead, could still be alive according to MCV. Several sources [Read More]

[Leak] Mass Effect: Andromeda footage

6 April, 2016 0

Total: 6 3 0 3 0 A few days ago we we up with an alleged Mass Effect: Andromeda footage video spreading over the Internet. The video, identified by NeoGAF user Taker34 as a demo reel from the website of a [Read More]