Amazon leaks PlayStation 4 + PS Vita 'Ultimate Player Edition' bundle [UPDATED INFO]

[UPDATE] Next week’s Best Buy ad also shows the PS4/Vita bundle with the US price of $560.


Thanks, Wario64.

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Amazon has done it again. They retailer could have leaked one of Sony’s E3 2014 surprises.

Amazon France has posted a product page for a special PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita “Ultimate Player Edition” bundle. According to the page, this pack will cost €579 -about $790- and would be released on July 4.


For the moment, the “Ultimate Player Edition” bundle does not offer any significant savings for the buyers, but maybe the price is just a simple estimation made by Amazon. Hopefully, E3 2014 will tell.

The pack could also include one game, since Infamous: Second Son is shown on the box.


This is not the first time this bundle is spotted on the Internet. On November 2013 we talked about a pack called “Ultimate Bundle” that also included a PlayStation 4 and a PS Vita. Everything seemed to be ready to release it, but maybe Sony decided that it was not the appropriate date to release a PS4/Vita bundle.

Stay tuned. E3 2014 is just around the corner.

Via | GameSpot