'Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag' presented. Ubisoft still holds an AC surprise. (Updated: Debut Trailer Leaked)

Update: We were supposed to see the debut trailer on Monday, but thanks to an accident in Gamesradar Youtube Channel, we have this leak.

Here you have ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’  Debut CGI Trailer two days before its official release:

Yesterday Ubisoft held the Assassin’s Creed event we mentioned a few days ago.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was presented yesterday and it’s coming to Playstation 3, Xbox 360, WiiU an PC, featuring 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay to the PS3 version (that also happened with AC: Brotherhood and AC3 on this system).

‘Black Flag’  tell us enough about the scenario of this new entry on the AC world: Battle ships and Pirates!!


Many rumors point to a set on 1715 and Connor’s  grandfather (or even father) as the main character. Monday at 5pm GMT we will know more details about this killer-pirates.

But that’s not all. As we titled, Ubi holds a surprise regarding the franchise. We can confirm there’s another game in development that has not been announced. Weird thing is ‘Black Flag” not coming for Playstation 4 and Durango (for the moment) so… could we see that rumored WWII scenario coming true at next gen systems this year? Nah, too hasty. Bet for a Vita one in 2013.

We’ll have to wait a little more, but this year we’ll see two AC games, that’s for sure.

  • MrX_VGL

    I have read forums speaking about the article and I would like to clarify one point:

    We could have two AC this year, one would be Black Flag, the other one is a title for PS Vita. Don’t expect a change in the series yet. The second World War will come, everybody know it, but not now.

    Moreover Ubisoft hasn’t included AC: Black Flag on PS4 and Durango. The company hasn’t announced the game on that platforms. Ubisoft has a multiplatform policy; so, don’t still throw that possibility to the bin.

    As Maynard has written in the article two main AC games in one year it’s too hurried, so, he was stating the game on Vita.

  • Operator Czar

    “Weird thing is ‘Black Flag” not coming for Playstation 4 and Durango (for the moment) ”

    The PS4 logo is right there at the end of the trailer so I guess that sentence is void.

    • MrX_VGL

      The article had been written without the trailer, so, in that moment we hadn’t got any info about the PS4 release. That sentence was written before the trailer leak.

      Thanks for your comment.