Assassin's Creed: Unity E3 banner shows four assassins. Four-player co-op campaign rumored [Updated Info: E3 Gameplay trailer & details inside]

[UPDATE] At Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Ubisoft showed off today the first live gameplay demonstration of Assassin’s Creed: Unity and confirmed that the game will feature a 4 player co-op mode:

An Assassin’s work is never done. Assassin’s Creed Unity’s co-op missions are highly replayable with randomized enemies, alternate paths, and various tactical options that can lead you to new challenges, encounters, and rewards.

Watch the Assassin’s Creed: Unity gameplay demos here!

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Between co-op missions you can take to the streets with your friends to explore Paris from its steeples to its sewers. Whenever your Brotherhood unites, you are bound to make history together.

Yesterday, a new Assassin’s Creed: Unity banner was put up outside the E3 convention hall. The banner shows a group of four assassins that remind us what Shinobi602 said back in April.


According to him, Ubisoft is going to show two Assassin’s Creed: Unity demos at E3 2014, one will showcase single-player, and the other four-player co-op. This co-op won’t be like what we saw in previous games, in fact, it will really be a campaign with a “separate narrative” compared to the dedicated single player story mode.

Of course, many gamers are speculating who really are the four assassins showing at the AC: Unity banner. Do you recognize any of them?

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

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