Bioware shows 4 off-screens of next Mass Effect

In spite of Mass Effect 3 close, there are a lot of users waiting and wishing a new Mass Effect for next-gen machines. Bioware had already confirmed that the company was working on a new Mass Effect, but we hadn’t seen anything about this game, until yesterday.

Michael Gamble, Mass Effect producer, should be in a good mood. Michael promised an advance upon Mass Effect and here it is:

“The next chapter of Mass Effect is upon us”


Michael infected others with his enthusiasm, because of that we have got three more off-screens about this new Mass Effect.

Yanick Roy, BioWare Monreal studio director, posted this pic on Twitter:

“…with new characters to fall in love with.”


Gary Stweart, BioWare Montreal level designer, posted this pic on Twitter:

“…new enemies to encounter”


And Manveer Heir, closed this chain of events with the last picture:

“…and new worlds to explore!”


At this stage, Bioware should publish footage from this project. We deserve it…

Thanks, Gematsu.