Black 3DS XL possibly coming to North America

Nintendo started its business with 3DS in the worst possible way: high price, no AAA games, etc. After the priced drop and the released of the megatons, Nintendo changed everything. Nowadays 3DS has great variety of games, and a flawless line-up for the future. If you haven’t still got one, maybe you will be able to buy a Black 3DS XL. This model has big chances to reach the shelves.

A flyer from a Canadian shop, shows this new 3DS XL for the States. According this flyer, the machine would be available this week, July 26 (Friday).

3DS XL Black 2

Also, we have a commercial for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros, in this ad there is a Black 3DS XL, more evidences.

3DS XL BLack 1

Thanks, IGN (tea version) .