Blood Dragon 3: Vietnam War 2 is happening or was an April Fool’s Day spoof?

Take this whole text with a grain of salt of tons of salt if you prefer.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon deserves a new game, based on other universe and spoofing more products from the eighties. If we are lucky, it’s something that could be in works, right now.

Four days ago, Jason Eisener (filmmaker, Hobo with a Shotgun), posted this picture in Instagram:


The point is the background, the computer. We can see a new art for a new Blood Dragon called Blood Dragon III: Vietnam War 2.

On the other hand, Dean Evans (Creative Director for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon) posted this art, related to Vietnam War 2 in Twitter:


There are choppers, aliens, robots like the one that appeared in Robocop 2 and blasts! It has to be real, I want to play this.

At full blast fellows!

Remember, it could have been an April Fool’s Day joke. If I not mistaken Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was announced during an April Fool’s Day (one year ago).

PS: I would like to recommend you Hobo with a shotgun, it’s weird, but it rocks.

Thanks, Neo-GAF.


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