Call of Duty next is Infinite Warfare, Legacy Ed includes Modern Warfare remastered

Videogames industry has its own massive product with Call of Duty. The Activision franchise is an annual phenomenon that forces publishers to date their titles according the launch of the new entry in the saga.

Infinity Ward is in charge for the next Call of Duty title, reportedly, this new entry will be titled Infinite Warfare:


Modern Warfare was set in the near future, but Infinite could mean something far from past titles. A rumor published time ago claimed that new Call of Duty by Infinity Ward would be set in the distant future.

Legacy edition of Infinite Warfare could include Modern Warfare (Call of Duty 4) in a remastered version. Check it out:


According the tradition, Activision should unveil Infinite Warfare in May and the game would show off its first gameplay during E3.

Thanks, Twitter & NeoGAF.