The rise of interactive gaming

24 August, 2016 0

Although it is already an industry that is booming, the games sector is set to truly explode during the next year thanks to the long-anticipated launch of virtual reality (VR) gaming throughout the world. Of […]

Microgaming expanding it’s games Arsenal

5 August, 2016 0

Microgaming expanding it’s games Arsenal is nothing new. This has been happening consistently throughout the entire history of the company. Microgaming has been steadily adding about two new games a month on average, with some […]

Why Videogames Make People Happy

1 August, 2016 0

It is not true that videogames can’t bring anything good to us! Our experts will prove you real benefit of playing games! Reasons Explaining Why Those Playing Videogames Are Happier How do you feel about […]

The best Xbox horse racing game on the market

26 July, 2016 0

Horse racing is one of the world’s most popular and well-loved sports and hobbies –and for good reason too! Whether you are riding yourself or betting on the horses, it is a thrilling, exciting and […]

PC Games You Must Play In 2016

27 June, 2016 0

In all the chaos of computer console and mobile gaming it is easy to forget that PC gaming is still very much in the main stream these days. Here is our look at the PC […]

The importance of online modes

23 June, 2016 0

A lot of you may have noticed it. Many others –the least- maybe didn’t notice the change, but online modes have been growing until they are considered, both by media and players, as the new […]

Is Red Dead Set to Return? (Rumor)

6 June, 2016 0

It’s been six long years since gamers were able to shoot their way through the Old West, but it looks as though they won’t have to wait that much longer to step back into the […]

3 New Trends on the Horizon for Gaming

19 May, 2016 0

On the whole, gaming has come a long way in the last decade alone. The games that are available have definitely shown improvements in terms of the gameplay, graphics and diversity. Frankly now that smartphones […]

Top five gaming genres

30 March, 2016 0

With all of the hype over the ultra-secretive new Nintendo device and the ground-breaking PlayStation VR, it’s often easy to forget about the main attraction – the games! So here’s a run-down of the top […]

The sins of Street Fighter V

6 March, 2016 0

From the very moment Capcom unveiled Street Fighter V, the company stood out the online competitive orientation of this new iteration for the fighting franchise. Most of the players were eager to measure their abilities […]

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