Concept art from SledgeHammer cancelled Call of Duty game emerges

SledgeHammer Games, the developer behind Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, was working on a third-person Call of Duty title that necessarily had to drop off as the company had to join forces with Infinity Ward to complete Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Then, SledgeHammer began working, as you know, on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, leaving aside this unannounced and unreleased Call of Duty title. According to IGN, the game was going to be a third-person Call of Duty game set in Cambodia and Laos during the Vietnam War. The developer was aiming to take the franchise to an action adventure genre. The game would have throw the player into the dense jungles of the area and it would have been focused on the horrors of war.

We had spent six or eight months on it, and were really getting into the story.

We had some really cool mechanics. We had a big moment that I would love to get into a game someday, but it’s not something we could do in first-person.

Yesterday, concept art of the game was revealed by IGN. The work was done by Eddie Del Rio, who previously worked on projects like Star Citizen, this year’s Godzilla movie, and LucasFilm works.



Would you like to see a third person Call of Duty game set in Vietnam during the war?

Thanks, IGN.