Dark Souls 2 listed on PS4 and Xbox One

dark souls 2 tesco

Two different generations are coexisting now, one feeds back the other. In terms of games, it means cross-platform products and Dark Souls 2 could be the next one.

Tesco, the UK retailer, has listed Dark Souls 2 on PS4 and Xbox One:

dark souls 2 tesco 600x275 Dark Souls 2 listed on PS4 and Xbox One | VGLeaks 2.0

Analyzing previous cases, Dark Souls 2 could reach next gen hardware. Moreover, From Software downgraded console versions of DS2 in some aspects (textures and lightning) considering the beta. Therefore, they would have enough space to show a product with a next-gen appearance in the tech aspect.

Thanks, Neo-GAF.

  • kiki1980

    Day 1 <3

  • Otaku Deity

    The fact that From Software said oh we are not going to next-gen and doing dlc the whole time before release, well they announce DLC so just waiting
    for next-gen