'Deadlight'.Unknown details.


Deadlight was a fresh surprise last year. Tequila Works, a new Spanish studio, debuted with this exclusive XBLA title for Microsoft Xbox 360. We have some interesting details about early stages of the development of the game, which we are sure people don’t know.

The first, and maybe more shocking detail, is the fact Deadlight was at first a PC-PS3 exclusive before Tequila signed a deal with MS to bring the game in exclusive for Microsoft’s console.

Second detail: the game would feature several episodes that would come via DLC.

The first concepts show a different game, no zombies at all, no guns, a solitary world… You can see the first prototypes in the captures below.

02 zps8df1e527 'Deadlight'.Unknown details. | VGLeaks 2.0

04 zps743368ef 'Deadlight'.Unknown details. | VGLeaks 2.0

06 zps604502dc 'Deadlight'.Unknown details. | VGLeaks 2.0

  • Jeff Pee

    They must have been offered a lot of money to make this game an exclusive. I hope they got enough to sustain themselves If this game doesn’t do well. I’d hate to see another small developer close up shop.

    • Zybra

      They’r very happy to work exclusively with Microsoft, you must see they’r tweeter if you don’t belive me. Most of all small studios like them love Microsoft, because Microsoft love games.

      • Jeff Pee

        I’m sure they “LOVE” Microsoft, I didn’t mention anything about them hating or not loving Microsoft. I just made a general comment about seeing small independent studios shutting down or getting close it.

      • Nice try Adam, but you’re not getting your job back…

        • Zybra

          Hahaha !

          Nice reply, i like it ^^

          But no worry for the small studios with MS, don’t you forget who start Xbox Live Arcade ? 😉