World Exclusive: XBox One (Durango) GPU detailed


Last week we published a poll where you chose to know more about the Xbox One (Durango) GPU.

Wishes come true. We have splitted the article in three pages, so don’t forget to read the whole work.

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A better view of Xbox One (Durango) GPU capabilities and performance

Xbox One brings the enhanced capabilities of a modern Direct3D 11 GPU to the console space. The Xbox One (Durango) GPU is a departure from previous console generations both in raw performance and in structure.

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The following table describes expected performance of the Xbox One GPU. Bear in mind that the table is based only on hardware specifications, not on actual hardware running actual code. For many reasons, theoretical peak performance can be difficult or impossible to achieve with real-world processing loads.



Clock rate

800 MHz


Shader cores


Instruction issue rate

12 SCs * 4 SIMDs * 16 threads/clock = 768 ops/clock


768 ops/clock * (1 mul + 1 add) * 800 MHz = 1.2 TFLOPS


( 768 ops/clock / 2 ops ) * 800 MHz = 307.2 Gfloat/sec


Triangle rate

2 tri/clock * 800 MHz = 1.6 Gtri/sec

Vertex rate

2 vert/clock * 800 MHz = 1.6 Gvert/sec

Vertex/buffer fetch rate (4 bytes)

4 elements/clock * 12 SCs * 800 MHz = 38.4 Gelement/sec

Vertex/Buffer data rate from cache

38.4 Gelements/sec * 4 bytes = 153.6 GB/sec


Peak throughput from main RAM

68 GB/sec

Peak throughput from ESRAM

128 bytes/clock * 800 MHz = 102.4 GB/sec

ESRAM size

32 MB

GSM size

64 KB

LSM size

12 SCs * 64 KB = 768 KB

L2 cache size

4 x 128 KB = 512 KB (shared)


Bilinear fetch rate (4 bytes)

4 fetches/clock * 12 SCs * 800 MHz = 38.4 Gtexels/sec

Bilinear data rate from cache

38.4 Gtexels/sec * 4 bytes = 153.6 GB/sec

L1 cache size

16 KB/SC * 12 SCs = 192 KB (nonshared)


Color/depth blocks


Pixel clear rate

1 8×8 tile/clock * 4 DBs * 800 MHz = 204.8 Gpixel/sec

Pixel hierarchical Z cull rate

1 8×8 tile/clock * 4 DBs * 800 MHz = 204.8 Gpixel/sec

Sample Z cull rate

16 /clock * 4 DBs * 800 MHz = 51.2 Gsample/sec

Pixel emit rate

4 /clock * 4 DBs * 800 MHz = 12.8 Gpixel/sec

Pixel resolve rate

4 /clock * 4 DBs * 800 MHz = 12.8 Gpixel/sec


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  • sony_f^^k_sega

    rrodbox 1.2 confirmed

  • Damon Tarklin

    Where did they get this 1.2 tflops from? My understanding was that the GPU had to be a 6870 OR 6950 (because of the DVI ports in the back) and not the Radeon 6670 as first reported.

  • wint3rmute

    How can it trump it when it isn’t out yet? Rumors pointed to ps4 having a 4gb/2gb configuration like a pc for memory and they came out and surprised us. MS might do the same.

    The theories that should get thrown under the bus are the ones based on rumors.

  • wint3rmute

    Its really a shame we can’t have a discussion about the tech instead of all you fucktards blathering nonsense about console wars.

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    The Wii U is an utter failure on a technical level. If we’re just looking at specs here, the Wii U isn’t much more impressive than the 360 – the next Xbox and PS4 absolutely demolish its performance. I really wish Nintendo fans would understand how horribly Nintendo’s been performing lately and ask them to improve, it kills me to see what they’ve become.

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Um, no. Not even remotely accurate. The Wii U isn’t any more technically impressive than the 360, and the next-gen Xbox should blow it out of the water in every single regard. There’s just no contest, the Wii U only would’ve been impressive in 2007.

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    You have no idea what you’re talking about at all. In real-world conditions the PS4’s specs blow the next Xbox’s out of the water, no contest. In this case the PS4 is even the superior platform in regards to its hardware simplicity. If the next Xbox DID have a slightly better GPU than the PS4, the PS4 would still compare favorably against it because of its superior RAM solution.

    The next Xbox will likely launch at $350 while the PS4 launches at $400, but the PS4 ends up being around twice as powerful and a much better platform for developers. Just stating the facts here, to go against all the people who seem to lack any knowledge regarding hardware or game optimization.

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Iwata and Fils-Aime are liars, don’t just mindlessly believe what they have to say about hardware. There’s a massive, MASSIVE difference in hardware capability between the true next-gen systems and the Wii U, claiming otherwise because someone who would profit from lying said so is silly.

  • Vince and always Vince

    each shared 4 normal cu….the diagram is correct ur interpretation is wrong look on wikipedia smx (nvidia) or cu array (amd)

  • Vince and always Vince

    this mean something like 3072 … ur counts

  • Joseph

    Guys, here are the PS4 and Xbox 720 comparisons I know so far based on what I know

    – Both are 8-core
    – Xbox is x64, PS4 is x86
    – Xbox has 8GB of DRAM/ESRAM, PS4 has 8GB of DDR5 RAM (DDR5 is faster)
    – Xbox goes at 170 GB/s (combined from DRAM/ESRAM), PS4 goes at 176 GB/s

    – Xbox is 1.23 TFLOPS, PS4 is 1.84 TFLOPS
    – Xbox has 12 or 14 compute units, PS4 has 18 compute units
    – Xbox has 12 shader cores, PS4 has about 14(estimated)

    So overall, PS4 is winning, but Xbox could prevail in software and graphics again. And besides, all these specs are rumors or the Xbox. We all thought PS4 would be 4GB, but it turned out 8, so xbox might change as well.

  • zybraisacock

    Production will have already started.

  • oh man.. ur theory is better than post. 😀

  • Fernando Almeida

    Are you some kind of prophet?

    • SlutMagnet

      Holy shit.