Xbox One (Durango) Memory System Overview


We have read multiples replies and discussions around Xbox One (Durango)’s memory system throughout the internet, due to we would like to share this information with all of you. In this article we expose the different types of memories that Durango has and how this memories work together with the rest of the system.

The central elements of the Durango memory system are the north bridge and the GPU memory system. The memory system supports multiple clients (for example, the CPU and the GPU), coherent and non-coherent memory access, and two types of memory (DRAM and ESRAM).

Memory clients

The following diagram shows you the Durango memory clients with the maximum available bandwidth in every path.

durango memory Xbox One (Durango) Memory System Overview | VGLeaks 2.0


As you can see on the right side of the diagram, the Durango console has:

  • 8 GB of DRAM.
  • 32 MB of ESRAM.


The maximum combined read and write bandwidth to DRAM is 68 GB/s (gigabytes per second). In other words, the sum of read and write bandwidth to DRAM cannot exceed 68 GB/s. You can realistically expect that about 80 – 85% of that bandwidth will be achievable (54.4 GB/s – 57.8 GB/s).

DRAM bandwidth is shared between the following components:

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • Display scan out
  • Move engines
  • Audio system


The maximum combined ESRAM read and write bandwidth is 102 GB/s. Having high bandwidth and lower latency makes ESRAM a really valuable memory resource for the GPU.

ESRAM bandwidth is shared between the following components:

  • GPU
  • Move engines

Video encode/decode engine. System coherency

There are two types of coherency in the Durango memory system:

  • Fully hardware coherent
  • I/O coherent

The two CPU modules are fully coherent. The term fully coherent means that the CPUs do not need to explicitly flush in order for the latest copy of modified data to be available (except when using Write Combined access).

The rest of the Durango infrastructure (the GPU and I/O devices such as, Audio and the Kinect Sensor) is I/O coherent. The term I/O coherent means that those clients can access data in the CPU caches, but that their own caches cannot be probed.

When the CPU produces data, other system clients can choose to consume that data without any extra synchronization work from the CPU.

The total coherent bandwidth through the north bridge is limited to about 30 GB/s.

The CPU requests do not probe any other non-CPU clients, even if the clients have caches. (For example, the GPU has its own cache hierarchy, but the GPU is not probed by the CPU requests.) Therefore, I/O coherent clients must explicitly flush modified data for any latest-modified copy to become visible to the CPUs and to the other I/O coherent clients.

The GPU can perform both coherent and non-coherent memory access. Coherent read-bandwidth of the GPU is limited to 30 GB/s when there is a cache miss, and it’s limited to 10 – 15 GB/s when there is a hit. A GPU memory page attribute determines the coherency of memory access.


The Durango console has two CPU modules, and each module has its own 2 MB L2 cache. Each module has four cores, and each of the four cores in each module also has its own 32 KB L1 cache.

When a local L2 miss occurs, the Durango console probes the adjacent L2 cache via the north bridge. Since there is no fast path between the two L2 caches, to avoid cache thrashing, it’s important that you maximize the sharing of data between cores in a module, and that you minimize the sharing between the two CPU modules.

Typical latencies for local and remote cache hits are shown in this table.

Remote L2 hit approximately 100 cycles
Remote L1 hit approximately 120 cycles
Local L1 Hit 3 cycles for 64-bit values
5 cycles for 128-bit values
Local L2 Hit approximately 30 cycles

Each of the two CPU modules connects to the north bridge by a bus that can carry up to 20.8 GB/s in each direction.

From a program standpoint, normal x86 ordering applies to both reads and writes. Stores are strongly ordered (becoming visible in program order with no explicit memory barriers), and reads are out of order.

Keep in mind that if the CPU uses Write Combined memory writes, then a memory synchronization instruction (SFENCE) must follow to ensure that the writes are visible to the other client devices.


The GPU can read at 170 GB/s and write at 102 GB/s through multiple combinations of its clients. Examples of GPU clients are the Color/Depth Blocks and the GPU L2 cache.

The GPU has a direct non-coherent connection to the DRAM memory controller and to ESRAM. The GPU also has a coherent read/write path to the CPU’s L2 caches and to DRAM.

For each read and write request from the GPU, the request uses one path depending on whether the accessed resource is located in “coherent” or “non-coherent” memory.

Some GPU functions share a lower-bandwidth (25.6 GB/s), bidirectional read/write path. Those GPU functions include:

  • Command buffer and vertex index fetch
  • Move engines
  • Video encoding/decoding engines
  • Front buffer scan out

As the GPU is I/O coherent, data in the GPU caches must be flushed before that data is visible to other components of the system.

The available bandwidth and requirements of other memory clients limit the total read and write bandwidth of the GPU.

This table shows an example of the maximum memory-bandwidths that the GPU can attain with different types of memory transfers.

Source memory Destination memory Maximum read bandwidth (GB/s) Maximum write bandwidth (GB/s) Maximum total bandwidth (GB/s)
ESRAM ESRAM 51.2 51.2 102.4
ESRAM DRAM 68.2* 68.2 136.4
DRAM ESRAM 68.2 68.2* 136.4
DRAM DRAM 34.1 34.1 68.2

Although ESRAM has 102.4 GB/s of bandwidth available, in a transfer case, the DRAM bandwidth limits the speed of the transfer.

ESRAM-to-DRAM and DRAM-to-ESRAM scenarios are symmetrical.

Move engines

The Durango console has 25.6 GB/s of read and 25.6 GB/s of write bandwidth shared between:

  • Four move engines
  • Display scan out and write-back
  • Video encoding and decoding

The display scan out consumes a maximum of 3.9 GB/s of read bandwidth (multiply 3 display planes × 4 bytes per pixel × HDMI limit of 300 megapixels per second), and display write-back consumes a maximum of 1.1 GB/s of write bandwidth (multiply 30 bits per pixel × 300 megapixels per second).

You may wonder what happens when the GPU is busy copying data and a move engine is told to copy data from one type of memory to another. In this situation, the memory system of the GPU shares bandwidth fairly between source and destination clients. The maximum bandwidth can be calculated by using the peak-bandwidth diagram at the start of this article.


If you want to see how all of this works, just read the example we’ve written for all of you.

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  • eternallord

    As we said b4….there is a ‘secret sauce’ in the new xbox

    • John

      Yeah, there is nothing Sony can do against those Move engines and ESRAM buffer. They are blazing fast blitters that give much faster read/write access to data, even if the RAM is slower. It’s also cheaper and will undercut Sony in price by quite a lot.

      Looks like MS have a winner here and the reason why they aren’t announcing anything right now or reacting to Sony’s poor show in February. They know they are going to deliver a killing blow to Sony next gen. Now all they need is the game support and media support (the last one they have covered/triumphed already).

      • eternallord

        indeed! and there is even more ‘secret sauce’ later

        • Ronald

          I know, if the rumors of an April announcement and E3 release are true, then Sony will be dead in no time as the PS brand is all they have left worth anything. The PlayStation brand has already suffered tragic defeat this gen by a halving of their console userbase and now virtually non-existent handheld userbase. MS are going for the kill and there are many PS fans scared already as you can see by their posts on N4G and VGChartz.
          I know it’s going to shake the industry when Sony dies, we need competition, but there will always be someone else to rise from the ashes and take over.

          • eternallord

            to talk honestly the PS4 is awesome for now…just FOR NOW…so PS4’s fan prepare for the shock

          • lol look at these desperate xbots, DDR3 is still very limited compared to DDR5, not to mention the PS4’s CPU has more balls than the nextbox. Like it or not eRam or not eRam; DDR3 is going to be limiting

          • XOXO

            It’s not DDR5 ps4 is using, because it doesn’t even exist u moron. DDR4 coming later this year maybe. psfanboys please try to understand that the memory ps4 going to use is GDDR5 not DDR5..

          • Jason

            I know right? GDDR5 is based off of DDR3 with much HIGHER latencies (which is bad) but more bandwith. It’s been correctly said in articles multiple times, but still PS fanboys try to lie that it is DDR5 and is better (and look at all the N4G fools that upvote it too), when it has obvious drawbacks as well because of this arhitectural change.

            True DDR4 is still even a year away (with more bandwith at LOWER latencies for all purpose use).

            It’s also been proven that the mobile parts that the APU is based on can never reach that amount bandwith and shows that the PS4 is a very unbalanced design. It’s great that it now has 8GB like the next Xbox, but the GDDR5 will prove to be nothing more than a very expensive addition.

          • marcofdeath

            Not DDR 3 HMC can provide more than 15x the performance of a DDR3 module. That is right around 500GB/sec.

          • Manoj Varughese

            We’ll see. I hope I can come back to this comment the day when we know which console has fared better.

          • Disqus_S

            You can come back now.

          • Manoj Varughese

            Thanks for the bump…this is so what I was expecting around this time.

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            The Playstation is stronger then ever, hows 4 years of Kinect working for you, slim yet?

      • Diago

        What are you smoking John…

        32MB of Esram at 170gb a sec is “limited” by the DDR3 pool at 68gig a sec.
        Compared to the PS4’s 170 Gig a sec, its to slow to even try to compete.

        If these specs from above are true, the PS4 blows the Xbox720 out of the water and then some.
        Hard time for Microsoft, to say the least fellas.

        • Ronald

          You clearly don’t know what blitters are and are making the same dumb mistake that the PSlifestyle article made. The 4 Move engines basically quadruple the memory bandwith over those pathways. This schematic is also incomplete as blitters have DMA and the arrows are missing here. But this info being more than a year old and from the dev phase, that is not surprising.

          Seems like you have a terrible time looking at your post history, but Dutch people have been proven to be poor retards most of the time anyway, just look at that dumb Hulst douche from Guerilla.

          • Diago

            32 Megabyte of SRAM. . . can’t do anything faster then the DDR3 lets it, dummy.
            The Esram will be used for video streaming, is useless ingame.

            Talking shit about my nationality Hahaha!
            You’re a low low.

        • eternallord

          dnt look at the specs of PS4 or the new XBOX..its all abt REAL TIME CONDITION…like the PS3 is almost twice powerful than the xbox ,but the xbox is overall better than the PS3 in REAL TIME CONDITIONS,there was a ‘secret sauce’ in the xbox 360 ( in fact its the XENOS GPU plus the Architecture ),and also now there is a ‘secret sauce’ in the new XBOX(we still dnt knw it),yes believe

          • Jessika S.

            “Secret Sauce” you are really on crack. I love my Xbox 360 and I love Xbox Live but PS3 exclusive games are overall better games, they look better and they usually do things that are shocking that I can’t believe they pulled off on a almost 7 year old system. The one thing Xbox has going for it which is the what you call “secret sauce” is advertising you can’t change a channel or walk down the street with out seeing something about Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

          • eternallord

            maybe i look like im cracking to u,u knw why? cuz when i smell stupidness from people like u who dnt knw what’s going on so for sure i will look like im cracking to u 😀

          • Louish1982

            There’s no secret sauce in the 360…PS3 isn’t so powerful even in theorie it has a strong but complicated cpu and a weak gpu while the 360 has a simple cpu and stronger gpu. Add to that a simple unified pool of ram versus split ram in the PS3. 360 is just very easy to code and the stronger gpu is better suited for games. Its hardly secret its common sense. I think the PS3 sucks but if those are really the 720 specs then this time around its Sony who made it right…I’d be really disappointed I don’ t want to have to play with that crap Dualshock4….

          • eternallord

            those specs are some of maybe and indeed there is something clever around the new xbox

          • Louish1982

            Well I was talking about the 360 since those new xbox specs are far from confirmed I don’t even know where they took the material to make this article and I wouldn’t give any credit to it…

        • Fluffy

          But GDDR5 is a graphics-based technology. It has serious issues with usage in compute tasks, as it’s not for that – it’s for textures and visual effects.

          Neither solution is perfect. Each has issues. Microsoft has plumped for the PC approach: that system memory will handle the load. Sony has thrown a lot of money at making graphical advances, but is that really where the enhancements are coming in games?

          AMD and Nvidia have hit a hardware wall right now, and are struggling to make anything that makes a real difference in the marketplace. Even the GTX Titan isn’t that much better than a 680, and that has a lot to do with the baffling idea of taking high-end workstation components and trying to get consumer use from them. It’s not made to make pretty images; it’s made to generate high quality 3D models.

      • NinoBr0wn

        “Poor show, killing blow, winner here, tragic defeat…now all they need is game support.”

        Lmao man I’m done. How much are they paying you?

      • Manoj Varughese

        yeah..rite, been hearing this since those Xbox days. whatever the hardware is we just need devs support and primarily more quality softwares that appeal to gamers. not that 360 didn’t have any, it just needs to do better in that department than how PS3 is doing currently. not just rely on the sales number of a bigger market (US)for it’s success.

      • Thedon82z1

        John, you sound like a complete dumb-ass it looks to me that microsoft is (for some dumb- ass reason) is taking the hard to develope for approuch similar to what sony did with ps3. All these hassles developers are going to have to go through just to get optimum performance is a mistake that Sony clearly learned from. Yet now we see microsoft taking the same approuch this means PS4/PC WILL BE THE LEAD DEV SOURCE FOR ALL GAMES!! I also hope for microsoft sake they dont put some kind of souped up windows 8 os in that thing because then its really going to be f@#ked up!!

      • brianc6234

        Are you the CEO of Microsoft? Or just some PR clown?

        • Diago

          You don’t have to run a billion dollar company to understand hardware or the major speed disadvantage in these rumored 720 specs.
          You do have to be invested in the gameing scene for longer then Halo excist though…

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    it look like a ‘nintendo garbage’ , can’t they just use a fast memory like the sexy PS4

    • Sonyfan

      It’s unbelievable that the PlayStation community consists of so many retards looking at all these posts. I’m truly ashamed I’m part of it, but I’ll never stoop to your levels.

      • Kaz Hirai FTW

        Dude don’t even bother. We’re supposed to be the older, wiser community, but reading this article’s comments and the N4G one, it’s more likely that we are the demented and retarded community.

        Nobody seems to even be able to tell the difference between GDDR5 (based on DDR3 with more bandwith for static graphics pools but much higher latencies) and DDR5 (which doesn’t exist and won’t for many more years until after DDR4 releases next year).

        It’s also laughable that many make the same calculation mistakes that PlayStation LifeStyle made a few weeks ago as people from the industry know that blitters all have Direct Memory Access at high speeds to serve their purpose and all of this conjecture based on old leaked information that could have changed greatly over the past year. Also, none of AMD APU’s have ever reached that amount of bandwith, so it’s very clearly overkill on the PS4 technical standpoint.

        Or someone here claiming that the PlayStation has a smaller memory footprint…yeah right. The Xbox 360’s OS fits within 32MB with many more functions than the PS3’s 52MB one and the Windows 8 NT6 kernel which will power the next Xbox (instead of NT5 now) is even a lot smaller with more functionality.

        It never ceases to amaze me, the great amount of stupidity that my fellow PlayStation owners are endowed with. It’s like anything with a higher number is better (like with a child), but never seem to be able to grasp that the total design architecture and balance of a system is what makes it great.

        • Sonyfan

          Blind followers, like Henny and other N4G no-lifes, will never understand/see that and will keep to push the lies around the internet to make looks better than they really are. It is indeed like little children that want the better toy the other kid has and what many call the overconfident overhype that won’t deliver attitude. It’s very pathetic actually…

          The points you make are very valid and we’ll see what next gen brings when everything is finalised. It’s very transparent though that the PS4 will not be that much better (if at all) than the next Xbox. If this proves to be true, it will be like this gen and if MS have a lower price than Sony, I doubt I will remain with PlayStation after this gen.

          I like Sony, have supported them since the PS1, but MS have proven that they can kick some serious *ss this generation and the vast decrease in userbase for PlayStation and still being in second place after seven years (and the longest without a pricecut) even when the PS3 sells more because of the brand, just show they know what they are doing and I wouldn’t underestimate them one second.

          • wint3rmute

            As a nintendo/xbox guy this gen (ninty, ps2 last gen) I feel pretty confident that just about every gaming community is retarded and hateful. It’s because teenagers can be real dumbshits and think the whole world revolves around them.

            Look, if I had the space to get them all hooked up to my tv nicely I would own them all, each gen I just pick one that has games I like more than the other.

            I always get a nintendo when they are cheap, and this gen I was excited for gears of war and fable. I have always got a playstation historically to play final fantasy games.

            I doubt the next-box will ultimately be that different from the ps4, reason being is sony and ms can’t risk taking chances like Nintendo can. They basically have a scrooge mcduck gold vault to try out crazy stuff.

            Honestly calling it nintendo garbage is such a stupid statement. Nintendo makes pretty awesome hardware for the pricepoint. It won’t push the same flops as either ms or sony next-gen, but it is pushing it two 2 screens in hd @60fps. Not to mention it uses very little power as well.

            It just gets tiring listening to all these teenage fanboys who have entire summers off to game and thinks that the entire gaming market is for them because everything in the world clearly revolves around them.

        • Louish1982

          Amen to that

        • eternallord


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    thanks obama

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    Does that mean that I can now watch mp4 movies?
    Can I connect my keyboard and mouse now?
    I think it can stream Netflix to my Zune right ?

  • “secret sauce” they said, “8GB of Ram” they said….. another fancy term from Microsoft to indulge xbots into paying full premium price on limited goods. Just like the ZUNE, Windows Phones, WIndows Live, that one disposable console that burns out rather quickly….

  • worst nightmare

    i just hope xbox 720 doesn’t melt into the ring of death again! better get your wallet out xbox fans cause playstation is better quality and looks better than shit box

  • Penishhh

    I love how Xbots have to use complex language and a whole host of side-stepping to make it seem like these specs come even remotely close to the PlayStation 4.

    It’s rather entertaining.

    • Thedon82z1

      Right these dumb ass xbot refuse to understand that the one slight advantage of packing 8gigs of ddr3 was killed the moment sony decided to double its gddr5 and on top of that sony has a light OS footprint. When you combine that with all its first party studios, Microsoft want have a snowball chance in hell this gen. Microsoft needs to get the hell out of that kinect shit and focuse on some good ip and please stop that fake advetising with multiplatform games like they are exclusives.

  • gotgame1985

    only people who don’t know what they are talking about are claiming the PS4 will knock the 720 out of the water

    • Diago

      The massive speed difference between DDR3 versus GDDR5 isn’t excactly rocket science.
      So unless you’re claiming that the 720 will use GDDR5 as well, i sugjest you read and listen, instead of japping nonsens.

      • Bimmy

        He’s talking about you and he’s right.

        • Disqus_S

          Turns out you were wrong.

      • Fluffy

        It’s faster – for graphical tasks. For compute tasks, it has a serious issue. So, textures and such are not an issue, but AI routines may be.

        • wint3rmute

          While the ram is inarguably faster for graphics processing, there are a ton of variables that contribute to the whole. I don’t understand why everyone is focusing on the ram.

          Plus we didn’t have all the rumors correct on ps4, we actually thought it might just have a 4gb/2gb config so who knows what MS will actually do.

      • marcofdeath

        GDDR5 is not the fastest ram. Stacked DRAM package on the GPU die has 1 TB/s memory bandwidth, and their is a DDR3/4 stacked ram as well. Google it! Don’t you find it funny that this is how Nvidia’s /AMD’s next gen GPU has DRAM on chip? , and it’s just like the next xbox .
        Oh yes i will say that this is the next xbox LIte or set to box , but if MS puts in a 2x SOC ,SDDR 3/4 and SDRAM then ps4 will be looking up at xbox.

  • tomdville

    lo you guys know nothing about nothing all of that split between work load,the move engine esram and ddr3 pluss its a slowqer ram thats the same thing that plage trhe ps3 when they split the 520 mb ram to 256 video and 256 grfx now microsoft making the same mistake and all the xbox fan boys rejoicing wow

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    The main question is: how fast will Microsoft display some wonderful ads on the dashboard, and how fast will they move 60$ from your pockets to theirs, so you can play online.
    Also, with all that bandwidth, controlling your lives via kinect and blocking 2nd hand games and sending all that personal data to their servers should be done really fast, using the ‘mandatory always conmected’ features.

    And knowing Microsoft , they will rush and release an unfinished product,that the same 20-30 millions ‘put a name here’ who bought the worst piece of gear ever, the x360,will be getting day one: the x360 had the worst failure rate ever, for a product(+50%), they were condemned by some lawyers and court and had to pay several millions. However, people will still grab the next Xbox day one, for playing the next halo, even if its written on the box, with huge black fonts ‘warning: your console will stop working within 2 or 3 months, it will do a rrod and you will have to send it for it at your own risk.’

    Even with such warning, 15 millions young boys will ask their daddy for the new x720: there is a more sensitive microphone now, they will be able to scream even louder and interrupt people during their gameplay.

    OK, I’m a bit hard, I really hope the x720 will be a beast, like the ps4, and will give us wonderful games as well. In 10 minutes I will start playing god of war ascension, I’m fine if, for Christmas, I can afford both consoles, and will be able to enjoy playing a halo or other new IP. More games ,please.

    So , Microsoft, no rushed release this time, OK? No rrod or whatsoever. Just a perfect system as powerful as the ps4, so we, Sony guys, can have a great time playing new IPS, instead of going nut because the console just rrod and has to be fixed.

    Also, I’m too used to the dualshock design. My first HD console was the x360, that did rrod, of course, I didn’t even send it for fixing.are there any Xbox controllers with the dualshock design, for people that don’t really like the Xbox controller?

    • eternallord

      even the ps3 has Yellow Light Of Death-YLOD in its first release ,maybe not as much as the xbox but it has

      • HAppY_KrAToS

        Sure it has, but I’m not interested on testing it by myself 🙂
        Ps3 failure rate was like 2.5%, lower than the 3.5% average, in global hardware(from TVs to PCs,radios,hoover,anything that has a chip and some electronics inside).

        I remember being playing project Gotham racing on the 360, having a great time, and suddenly, it started freezing.I had spent like 800$ on the console and 5 games, talk about being disgusted and wanting to throw a grenade on it.

        • eternallord

          neither i 🙂

  • Matt Knoppie

    goodness for us non tect folks…will battlefield do better on thuis new system

  • eternallord

    dnt look at the specs of PS4 or the new XBOX..its all abt REAL TIME
    CONDITION…like the PS3 is twice powerful than the xbox ,but the xbox
    is overall better than the PS3 in REAL TIME CONDITIONS,there was a
    ‘secret sauce’ in the xbox 360 ( in fact its the XENOS GPU plus the Architecture ),and also now there is a ‘secret sauce’ in the new XBOX(we dnt knw it yet)…believe

    • Russell Gorall

      If the secret sauce is aged DRAM, then that is some shitty sauce.

      • eternallord

        …for now ,no 1 knws what is it,anw microsoft is not idiot,cheers

        • Jimmy

          He’s in prison, just Google his name and have a laugh.

        • Russell Gorall

          Is English your first or fourth language?

      • Thedon82z1


  • pistaman

    Please morons of the internet shut up..
    look at you are all the same as last time..
    and we that bought playstations dont need to prove our console is better.. we can just play better games you see 🙂 and thats something that microsoft will never get.. and dont even try to convince me otherwise u will just make a fool out of yourself…

    • Jim Lee

      I have both and prefer my xbox 360 to the PS3. While things look a little better on Ps3 the xbox for me is just a better experience; xbox live I find better then Playstation Plus, or the ps3 dash board, the internet Explorer is better than the shitty PS3 broswer, thought I could surf sooner on my PS3 as xbox just got Explorer last year, the smart glass is really cool and useful too. I do like that I don;t have to pay an extra fee to watch netflix on my PS3 but live is only 4$ month so meh.

  • DestryLP

    Buy whatever you want, god, all this “PS3 has better exclusives” and “Xbox has better online” it’s so redudant. PS3’s console power doesn’t mean better exclusives. It’s the developers that make the games. Don’t believe me? Go check anyones top ten games of all time and see what great technological masterpiece is at the top. I can say this much, it ain’t Crysis. ALSO, the online factors tie usually into what your peers collectively decide to use. PS3 is free yes, but it has it’s share of issues, incentives to upgrade to plus, and frankly 99% of my peers use Xbox. Same reason people may buy games like COD even if they aren’t fans, so they can still play with the majority of their peers. If you are really hung up on powerful this and graphics that go build a PC. Because when it comes down to it, it WILL be the top in those catagories.

  • BLart

    Oh, Xbox is better than PS4. No, PS4 is better than Xbox. God, just shut up.

  • Big Gaz

    Push this article and its comments to one side for a moment. When it comes to consoles, forget about the tech. The PS2 slaughtered the Xbox and GameCube, the Wii slaughtered the Xbox 360 and PS3. Tech talk is a waste of time. Next gen, I’m not sure who’s going to be on top. But as someone said on here, the Xbox 720 has a secret sauce. Microsoft have probably been working on the Xbox 720 for a long time, I bet there’s even more games in development. My money is on the Xbox 720. After the poor PS4 showcase, Microsoft can improve on it.

    • Jim Lee

      I don’t know where you got your info bro but the Xbox 360 is and has been the best selling console this Gen. The Wii started hot then faded like all gimmicks do and now the Wii u ( gamecube 3.0) is failing fast. The Xbox entered the market late after Sega exited stage left which why the PS2 enjoy its large market share. I’m not up on all the computer science information in this article. I’ll wait and see which console has games I want to play then make a decision but I will eventually own all three as I collect them and play them all. You are right about one thing tech doesn’t always make the machine. The Sega Saturn was capable of last Gen visual in 1995, but poor system design made it very difficult to program for this in turn caused it major sells problems. If you want proof look up Sega Saturn Shinmu video on Youtube.

      • bitcloudrzr

        The PS3 outsold the 360 in total sales and the lead is widening. PS3 has sold 77 million up until January and 360 sold 76 million up until February this year.

  • I smell some Smart Engineering from Microsoft. They say PS4 development will be similar to PC. But the Xbox 720 development is already 100% PC as it will use Windows and same AMD x86 architecture with directx and all the stuff from Microsoft. I love what Sony did with PS4, but i still need to see what Microsoft has in store. I feel they will have something unique again.

  • Guest1

    Rambus is forever alone…..

  • marcofdeath

    You don’t need GDDR5 when you have DDR3 HMC ram. look it up.
    It’s 500GB/sec. MS partners with the tech.

  • wint3rmute

    Do we know how many bits the gddr5 on the ps4 is? 384, 512?

  • Ryan Grobe

    With all the rumors going around with the 720, I want to see some manufacturer insight on the production of the hardware. Is the 720 gonna go with AMD Radeon just like the PS4 or will it step up with Intel or NVIDIA? I want hard core info on what the 720 is capable of and hell why not make it user friendly and let the gamers add bits and pieces of improved hardware over the lifespan of the system.

  • Joseph

    Guys, here are the PS4 and Xbox 720 comparisons I know so far based on what I know

    – Both are 8-core
    – Xbox is x64, PS4 is x86
    – Xbox has 8GB of DRAM/ESRAM, PS4 has 8GB of DDR5 RAM (DDR5 is faster)
    – Xbox goes at 170 GB/s (combined from DRAM/ESRAM), PS4 goes at 176 GB/s

    – Xbox is 1.23 TFLOPS, PS4 is 1.84 TFLOPS
    – Xbox has 12 or 14 compute units, PS4 has 18 compute units
    – Xbox has 12 shader cores, PS4 has about 14(estimated)

    So overall, PS4 is winning, but Xbox could prevail in software and graphics again. And besides, all these specs are rumors or the Xbox. We all thought PS4 would be 4GB, but it turned out 8, so xbox might change as well.