Fast Facts about inFamous: Second Son (tech details)

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Second Son is the first real next-gen entry for PlayStation 4. This chapter is considered by Sucker Punch a new franchise inside the inFamous universe. There are new gameplay mechanics that impact directly in the way you play the game.

The Delsin Rowe’s tale shows a new level of segmentation speaking upon powers and possibilities, but it’s something that you will have to discover for yourself…

inFamous: Second Son it’s a product with a high tech technology treatment:

• 11,000: Number of ‘ashbit’ particles Delsin shatters into during a single smoke dash through the air. Each particle is individually textured (including the custom jacket!), before reforming!

• 75: Number of high-resolution scanned poses of Troy Baker’s face that were needed to train our performance capture system to produce Delsin’s facial animations. Troy had 168 tracked markers placed on his face and his head mesh resulted in 22,321 separate vertices (not counting his eyes, lashes, or beanie) that were used for various in-game animations.

• 32 machines are used in the render farmthat computed all the reflected/ambient lighting in the game.

4 600x337 Fast Facts about inFamous: Second Son (tech details) | VGLeaks 2.0

• Each rain drop is considered a particle and there are over 30,000 of them.

• There are 1,024 sound variations of the smoke bolt. It will rarely sound the same twice.

• Adaptive Ambient System enables each district to have its own atmosphere that conforms to the time of day, type of weather, and if the DUP controls it or if Delsin has freed it.

second son a1 600x337 Fast Facts about inFamous: Second Son (tech details) | VGLeaks 2.0

• Over 50 individual sounds are used in a smoke orbital.

• Delsin’s head is built out of 60,000 triangles, plus 7,500 triangles for his beanie.

• We have 168 skeleton joints just for Delsin’s face.

• The blocks in our version of Seattle are 100 meters square. That’s exactly the same size as an actual Seattle block.

• During our cut scenes, each of the 20,000 vertexes on Delsin’s face is animated independently, thirty times a second.

Amazing, isn’t it?

inFamous: Second Son will reach the shelves on March 21 only for PlayStation 4.

  • Matt Henzel

    “7,500 triangles for his beanie” now that is one impressive beanie!! 🙂

    • zeuanimals

      A nap a day keeps the hype at bay… FASDFGSGJK! I need this game!

  • Igotcha(HHG)

    Amazing and done by a small team compared to other big studios. I can’t even imagine what a big studio, such as Naughty Dog, will be able to pull off.

  • PanzerDragoon

    Hope the gameplay is any good upcoming friday. I’ve been wary with sony’s graphical pushes since ps4 launch. Killzone was horrible

  • John Mumpitz

    Fun fact: you only need 7 hours to complete the main story. lol its a RENT, nothing more.

    • Carpetfluff

      Fun fact; some of us go off and do other stuff instead of just running from story mission to story mission. Plus if you want to see all the missions, you have to go through it at least twice, so even skipping some side stuff you’re into 12-14 hours right there. You CAN finish Dishonored in 5 hours but it lasted me nearly 40 first time through. There are dozens of games that can be finished in just as short a time, but that’s if you want to. Finished the story, doesn’t mean completed the game.

    • Syraph

      You can finish the story in Skyrim in less than an hour, You can finish GTA5 in 9 hours. lol, they’re RENTALS, nothing more.

    • Jeff Pee

      Fun Fact; fanboy’s be trolling hard these days, the struggle is real! Keep fighting the good fight fanboys. You’ve almost got me convinced to sell my PS4 (lol)

    • Spokker

      A game isn’t complete for me unless I fall through the map at least once. Can’t do that in a rental.

  • datdude

    Somebody should alert EA Respawn and Microsoft that this is what next gen is supposed to look, and play like.

    • Dakan45

      yeah quicl somebody alert ea that have a solid good game with high ratings while you shadowfail sucked and so wil infamous.

      nice logic there brah.

      • Disqus_S

        Call of Duty: Titanfail is all you xbone kids deserve. Dakan. I hope you have to play that pile of crap all year. lol

        • Dakan45

          i am a pc gamer actually and you can b#tch and whine as much as you want but we established taht titanfall is a good innovative game, infamous was always b quality with low sales.


          • Disqus_S

            I love when you kids get mad.


    first real next-gen

  • Disqus_S

    Best game on any console. I feel bad for the kids who asked for an xbone for christmas. But they can always wait til next christmas and get a PS4. And by then they’ll also be a little bit older and hopefully won’t be on PSN being assholes like they do on XBone Live.

  • dissentist

    So what you’re saying is, still WAY less textures and particles than even an old Total War game on PC. Gotcha.

    • Horation_Tobias_HumpleDinK

      No need to get grumpy. I love PC gaming and it superior. Infamous Second Son looks incredible, so instead of having to just bring up that for example. How about, you just give credit were it due. Its why people in console brackets get annoyed at us. You dont give them any real praise.