Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary roadmap


Final Fantasy XV has been finally released. Through thick and thin, FF XV is after all a great game with epic moments that contains the essence of the saga. It’s not perfect, but in overall is a recommended experience.

2017 will be the 30th anniversary for Final Fantasy and Square Enix will celebrate the milestone with the following items:

Final Fantasy releases in 2017 to celebrate the anniversary: Square will launch Final Fantasy VII Remake (first episode) and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age as main games to celebrate the Final Fantasy’s birthday.

Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is coming to PS4 during the next year. The bundle will include Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns on separate discs to be enjoined in 1080p and 60fps.

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection

This compilation will include Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX and it will be released on PS4 and PS Vita in a single disc/card.

It will include two versions of Final Fantasy I to VI: original versions from NES/SNES and modern ports (mostly mobile ports).

FF VII to IX will be based only in newest ports.

Final Fantasy II and III from NES will receive an official English translation (first time). Games will be based on Japanese versions, therefore we will be able to play parts that were cut out when games were released overseas. Graphical censorship included in some titles when they were released outside Japan will remain. The collection will have a built-in art gallery and a sound test menu to play songs from games included.

Just for the record: this compilation will include just main Final Fantasy titles (I to IX).

1 Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary roadmap | VGLeaks 2.0

There will be three versions for the Final Fantasy collection:

1. Regular version: games and poster.

2. Collector’s Edition: Games, poster, art book, 8-bit Black Mage keychain, Chocobo plush and two discs with a selection of songs chosen by Nobuo Uematsu.

3. Crystal Complete Edition. It will be only available in limited quantities in the Square Enix’s website for PS4. Crystal Complete Edition will include:

  • Games: Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection titles (FF I to IX), Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy, Final Fantasy XV (and all DLC), Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (including all expansions + a 3 month subscription). Special items for Final Fantasy XI Mobile and Final Fantasy XIV will be included as well.
  • Physical items: all the content included in the Collector’s Edition, two extra discs for the soundtrack, a crystal necklace, a Moogle plush, a Black Mage statue, all three Final Fantasy Trading Card Game starter decks, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. Everything will be packed in a luxury chest decorated with the Final Fantasy logo.

Just to clarify: these plans just apply to North America, we don’t know yet about other regions.

Season Pass:

  • Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions and Chrono Trigger could be released on Steam before the end of 2017.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XV are coming to PC, but likely not until early-mid 2018.

Thanks to our source for this tasty information about Final Fantasy.

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          Have fun? You mean “have fun” with FF VII Remake??? Err okay, I think that goes without saying. ^_^

          And don’t worry, if a more powerful GDDR5 console like Scorpio isn’t your thing (because clearly you are against PS4 Pro too), you can enjoy FF VII Remake later on your 792p/900p 27fps box.
          As long as you don’t expect to ever be able to play current gen VR on that 2004 ddr3, bottlenecked, Xbone though.

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            there are the same games on both (most of them at least). In terms of exclusives, xbox is better if you’re into MP and competitive games, while Sony has the edge if you’re into cinematic/single player 10h experiences. Continue to be a sheep because the internet says so…

          • Tracy

            NO no no…PS has many console exclusives especially in 2017,while XB only has,GoW 4,Halo,Forza & Dead Rising.It’s not about being a sheep it’s about getting the most out of a console & exclusive games are a must including a variety/diverse of exclusive games something MS/XBO just doesn’t have.XBO owners are the real sheep.

          • adi

            lol, i have a PS4, i know what exclusive games there are. Besides Bloodborne and Ratchet& Clank, i’ve liked none, Uncharted 4 included.
            The point being that only a few play those exclusive indies while their triple AAA exclusives some will like some won’t. The gap between the consoles in term of content it’s just your fanboy illusion.

          • Tracy

            There are a sh*t load of japaneses action & rpgs releasing in 2017 including Sony first party titles & PSVR games.You would have to be living under a complete boulder to say PS4 doesn’t have a diversity of exclusives releasing in 2017.If you’re just into west made games & shooters with a lack of diverse exclusives then the XBO is for you.It’s evident you bought the wrong gaming console because I’m loving my PS4 Pro.XBO has nothing when it comes to games.

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            You’re being in denial about a brand knowing it’s the truth.Most gaming sites have commenters saying the same thing….majority wins & rules.

          • adi

            There is no absolute truth when it comes to tastes. I also prefer to use my own brain rather than reading random people on the internet.
            I don’t need confirmations in the decisions i make as most of the people seems to nowadays. Consider this my last reply.

          • Tracy

            XBO has NO library or diverse variety of exclusive games except for a handful,the first quarter of 2017 PS4 has at least 15 console exclusives releasing.It is what it is,PS4 is the choice when it comes to playing different exclusive games.While XBO you’ll have to sit & wait for months for an exclusive to drop or you can watch 4k disc movies.There’s no need to be bothered by the truth. Happy holidays & gaming on your XBO.

          • If you want to get the most out of gaming I suggest building a PC.

          • Tracy

            Nah!…PS have the exclusives I like.

          • AngelsandDemons1

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        • Edward Himsel

          Because Microsoft have had to sell their XBONEs at a loss just so they can say they’re the biggest selling console, and now they’re selling Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 on the Windows 10 store for PC. Look, I’m not one of these brand loyalty people, but you cannot ignore the fact that they’ve gone and put their biggest exclusives on PC. The only reason they would do that is if they didn’t think they had a future in the console business. I’m not being biased here: if Sony went and put Uncharted and Gran Turismo on PC, I would have said the same about them.

          • Massamo

            that isn’t why they did it at all they did it because windows 10 is pc and xbox its a great thing that i can play my xbox games where ever i am on my xbox or on my pc and i only need to buy one copy.
            and sony sells consoles at a loss too what are you on about

          • Lardar

            Sony has not sold console at a loss since PS3 days. They have said in it costs Sony 350-381 to make a console, and sold for 399.99.They can do it now for under 219. I bought a Xbox One S which costs around 324 to build for 219.99 WITH Halo 4 at target. I mean come on who is selling at a loss?

          • adi

            i’m not sure how you, as an xbox user, will be impacted by games launching also on PC, imo this is pure hate.
            I play on my xbox and then i continue playing on my PC from where i left off, this is quite a nice feature.

          • Edward Himsel

            Ok so from your comment I can only assume that either you meant to reply to someone else, or you’re a complete muppet. Making the rather unfortunate assumption that it may be the latter, all I can say is that I already explained that I have absolutely no “hate” against the XBOX at all. The simple fact is that the cornerstone of any games console’s business is its exclusives. There is no way that your average person is going to look at a black plastic £200 box and decide to buy it over another £200 black plastic box purely based on its design and/or user interface. And only muppets (like I’m hoping you are not, but worried you may well be) would buy a certain black plastic box over the other one just because you preferred the logo that was written on it. So the only other possibility is that you prefer the exclusive games of one plastic box over another. That’s it. The fact that there are now effectively no more XBOX exclusives any more means that Microsoft has given away the biggest part of its incentive for people to buy their console. The only reason they would do that is if they have already decided that they don’t see a future in the console industry. That has absolutely nothing to do with hate. That’s just a fact. And quite frankly, I’m not sure why you would bother playing on XBOX at all if you’ve already got the same games on PC, when you can simply connect your PC and controller up to your TV and you’ve got exactly the same experience, except with better graphics.

          • adi

            huh? you don’t understand the industry do you? PC gaming market is on a grow, and quite a big one, and PC = Microsoft as Xbox = Microsoft. They don’t earn much by selling hardware, it was never their strong point anyway being primarily a software company. But revenues from selling games on THEIR platfoms (a whole bunch of good things comes with that), either windows or xbox, now that’s a big fish, and something that Sony has no answer for. I hope you can figure the rest by yourself and stop being spoiled by what you read, since you were the one bringing muppets in the discussion. Don’t expect me to reply again, so go wild. Bye!

        • Cloud_CR

          Scalebound was canceled and is not the first one with which they do that! If that does not tell you anything… well..

      • Dottie

        At least in Japan, anyhow.

      • Edward Himsel

        Agreed man. The fact that they’re selling FH3 and GoW4 on Windows 10 for PC tells me that Microsoft isn’t even going to release another console.

        • Massamo

          no it don’t xbox is windows 10

      • AngelsandDemons1

        Past three months of XBOX sales would indicate otherwise….this coming from a guy who owns both…

      • I agreed with you.

    • Wadup

      Lol Xbox one? Japanese games are 100% done with Xbox the audience isn’t there

      • David K

        It’s a legit question. They are doing their BC support for Japanese titles and I know they are niche. I’m not seeing a *WILL NOT COME TO X1 AND SWITCH* in this rumor. So if It’s not coming I would like to see that mentioned. I own a PS4 and PC, but do most of my gaming on X1. I only play my PS4 for exclusives. If It’s exclusive to PS4 then I’ll get it on PS4.

        • Harmain Rafi

          No, you’re right, totally a legit question 🙂
          And although there really isn’t an Xbox audience in JP (mainly b/c games on there don’t appeal to the JP audience), there has been a shift recently. FFXV got an Xbox release. I highly question the authenticity of this article (better to be pessimistic than disappointed!) but I wouldn’t be too surprised if both consoles got a release!

          • David K

            Thank you 🙂

          • Pod of War

            Japanese games don’t sell well on Xbox One and some of these like XII Zodiac Age is a PS4 exclusive which would rule out the crystal collection on Xbox One.

            Same with FFVII remake as its a PS4 console exclusive far as we know from Sony and Squares messaging, I think the hope for Xbox One is XIII is trilogy and the I-IX collection on its own but again unlikely due to sales on Xbox One.

            FFXV is 80 to 20 in favour of PS4 and same happened to Type-O HD and with XIII back on PS3.

          • DoubleDurp

            “FFVII remake as its a PS4 console excluive” stfu clown you dont even know for sure

          • Aya Chan

            And FFXIV is PC/PS4 no X1 so Crystal edition will probably not on X1 sorry :/

          • If it’s PC, it’s relatively easy to make it play on Xbox, which has a Windows side-along OS, and is called the Xbox specifically because of DirectX.

          • vgleakscom

            Watch your language, please 😉

          • Cloud Strife

            *Timed PS4 console exclusive*
            Better? Jeez, damn.

          • GCNOfficial

            “[…]FFVII remake as it’s a PS4 console exclusive[…]”
            Yo, I’m happy for you. I’mma let you finish, but the game is being released on Xbox One. Just sometime later than the PS4. The PS4 is getting it first, because the original game debuted on the PS1 20 years ago, so it’s sort of a treat.

          • Pod of War

            I don’t know why that makes you happy for me, doesn’t affect me what system the episode’s come on.

            I was just posting the information we know and I would think after the Rise of the Tomb Raider diabolical that Square and Sony wouldn’t have poor messaging which at the moment is pushing the game as a PS4 console exclusive.

            I don’t know if they mean all the episodes come exclusively to PS4 first then one the series is over a complete set comes to Xbox One or even Nintendo Switch.

            All I can tell you what we know at the moment and that’s messaging, the likes of X/X-2HD, XII HD, World, XIV all being PlayStation family exclusives that the trend is likely to continue and based on sales of likes of XV which may determine Squares plans for Final Fantasy on Xbox One.

          • GCNOfficial

            My opening comment was just kidding. At any rate, as far as FF7 goes, it is supposed to be released on Xbox One later, but as far as other games go, it’s unlikely they’ll be released on XB1.

            SE are being extremely tight lipped about it.

          • Lucas Romero

            There is absolutely no quote or evidence that is saying Final Fantasy VII remake is coming to Xbox One Nomura has quoted they only have plans for the PlayStation 4 not anything else. All of Nomura’s games besides KH 3 has stayed on Japan Company Hardware like PlayStation and Nintendo. The same reason why KH Collections are not coming to Xbox One or 360. Same for the Final Fantasy VII Remaster as it’s only on PlayStation and PC platforms.

          • extermin8or2

            Weren’t several of these games ps exclusive on release? Likely there was a contract in place for the exclusivity that makes them.exclusive in the console space anyway for PlayStation

    • BEASTthisIndustry

      I’d also much rather see this be cross platform. I acknowledge that a lot of people are crazy about their PS4, but I much prefer Xbox One’s exclusives, and have zero desire to get a PS4… but also would like Square-Enix to keep sharing the love that they shared with FFXV and KHIII.

      • Console and PC Master Race

        I’m the exact opposite of you, as I much prefer PS4’s (Pro) exclusives, as there are way more of them (Xbox One has no exclusives – PC has same games and runs them better). I have zero desire to get a Xbox One…I believe that jrpg’s are right where they belong, on a Japanese owned company. SE should make all of those types of games exclusive to PS4 because that’s where they’ll make most of their money.

        • Brian Himes

          Your the worst kind of gamer really. Supporting the denial of a much loved series due to your bias against one system.

          • Console and PC Master Race

            On the contrary, I’ll be buying a Nintendo Switch and Scorpio day one.

          • Svnjay

            I’d rather Square not lose money on Xbox than some random guy who refuses to buy a PS4 to lose his fix.

          • Alistein

            How will they be loosing money on Xbox. it’s not like it cost much to make their games multiplatform, and even if it did they’d sell enough to offset such costs like they did on 360.

        • Koopa King

          Uh it would make more money if released on all consoles you moron.

          • Darryl Hamlin

            Funny enough, that’s not actually true. There is a minimum number of sales required to cover the additional costs of dual-console development. If they don’t think they’ll get enough sales on the XB One to cover those additional costs, they won’t do it because they’d lose money.

          • SmidgeySmidge

            Not completely true. A lot more goes into profiting from a game than just how many consoles it releases on. For each console it releases on it cost money. If the desire is not wanted by most of the community on a console then you are more than likely to lose the money you spent to have game on said console. If your logic was right, then every third party would just release on every console and swim in the money.

          • Svnjay

            Not if these people don’t buy it.

        • Cloud Strife

          Realize they made cash simply porting FF’s to Steam. PC isn’t a long shot and people have been begging for a PC version to Tabata since FFXV has been in his hands.
          Seriously, the market is there. Look up absolutely any interview about FFXV ever.

        • ClausGrimm

          You are the worst kind of person. Even as a fan of Sony and Final Fantasy I STILL want this to be multiplatform as that means MORE people get to enjoy these great games.

        • Skopin

          Halo is an XBox One exclusive that is not available on PC.

          • Marc OKelly

            Only the previous Halo games will be Xbox One Exclusives. The head of xbox said they didn’t want to port Halo 5 because they are looking toward the future. They already did Halo Forge and PC is getting Halo Wars 2. Forge was what Apex was to Forza it was a test for future Halo games. He specifically said he’s “not about putting content only on console to manipulate Windows gamers to go buy an Xbox.”

          • Skopin

            I’m just saying that there are exclusives to the XBox out there.

        • Pod of War

          Most of the JRPGs do stay on PS4 and if last generation has told us anything the Xbox audience doesn’t tend buy them as much as a PlayStation audience.

          Final Fantasy XIII for instance 80% of the sales are on PS3 that is the 20% worth it on Xbox well if Final Fantasy XV does 10m like Square Ard rumored to want then that’s 2million copies sold on Xbox One which I think they would think it’s worth it.

          Also their were rumors of Kingdom Hearts 3 has been cancelled on Xbox One which sad news for Xbox One owners but also makes sense when the chapter before KH3 is a PlayStation 4 exclusives in Kh2.8HD Final Chapter Prologue.

          • andy

            I think it has been cancelled for release in Japan on Xbone. It BETTER not be cancelled on Xbone overall though after moving development over to the multiplatform friendly game engine Unreal 4.

        • EndTheConsoleWars

          Enjoy bro, lots of games (in GENERAL) are dropping early next year. What a time to be a gamer! 🙂

      • Dottie

        While I’d still rather play it on my PS4, I’m with you on wanting it to be cross-platform. Not everyone has a PS4. The more people that can play it, the better, at least IMO.

    • Argythe

      I would be surprised if FFXIII trilogy at least doesn’t get re-released for xbox one as well.

      • Lucas Romero

        It’s already on PC Microsoft has their remaster’s/ports already. If Microsoft Fans want their “Xbox” gaming to stay alive they should get a gaming PC because that is where Xbox is heading with all of it’s games going to Windows PC via Windows Store.

    • What about it

    • BinaryMind

      Why would they not put at least the FFXIII Trilogy on Xbox One? It has a 360 version and we know those can be easily backwards compatible.

    • Alistein

      It’s obvious there is no support for Xbox in Japan. However if they choose to release it for win 10 and implement Xbox play anywhere that could help ,as most people in Japan may ignore the Xbox but not the pc. This is how MS can move units for upcoming games like Scale bound and Phantom dust,

      • Lucas Romero

        The Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy is already on Steam.

        • Alistein

          That’s great but I don’t see how that relates to what I said.

          • Lucas Romero

            You said if they release it for Windows 10 and implement Xbox Play Anywhere. Xbox Play Anywhere was constructed and intended to put XBOX ONE exclusive titles to Windows Game Store so you can play it on your Windows PC. Not to put Games from Steam to The Xbox One Store. Microsoft already has Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy on Steam and a majority of those Final Fantasy Games coming with the 30th Anniversary Collection. PlayStation and Sony do not have these and that is why PlayStation is getting this and not Xbox. It’s pretty simple. PC Gaming is blooming in Japan while Console gaming isn’t and even more so Xbox so Square Enix like Tetsuya Nomura said they are trying to revive PlayStation Gaming in Japan and that’s why they are doing Final Fantasy VII Remake EXCLUSIVE to PS4 confirmed by Tetsuya Nomura they have no plans to release on PC or Xbox One/Scorpio.

          • Alistein

            Don’t you mean Square enix and not MS. In any case I get your point my thing was if Xbox anywhere was employed it would offset the loss and compensate the developer. I understand Xbox play anywhere isn’t being used by third party but MS has said it’s up to the developers so Square could certainly try it out for Xbox just to test the waters.

    • what ABOUT Xbox One?

    • Jon

      Japan doesn’t care about Xbox.

    • Thanks man! Xbox One is dead.

  • HvnlyDaze

    please be real

  • Harmain Rafi

    I honestly don’t know how much of this sounds believable, but if that Crystal Edition is real, it’ll be like $800 (USD)!!!
    (Just guessing based on my FFXV UCE price!)

    • Console and PC Master Race

      I know right?! Those were pretty expensive; I bought 3 UCE’s.
      I’ll pay any price for the Crystal Edition though, unless it ends up in the 10’s of thousands of dollars (no chance of that).

    • bob

      I would say $500.

    • ClausGrimm

      I want to hazard a guess at about 500-600 USD. I doubt the physical extras are going to be super high quality stuff, but you never know.

    • andy

      Wasn’t it the figure/statue that pushed the price up that high?

      • Lucas Romero

        Yes the figure alone costs around $120 USD.

  • Michael Ratliff

    Awesome if true. Hope it does wind up coming to the West. I’ll buy the shit out of this.


    yay, if true, i can finally play ff4 and ff1 , as well as 9 on ps4! hopefully its true.

  • Headshot Deluxe

    I find it hard to believe that FF13 and FF13-2 will run 60fps on PS4. With i7 2600k and GTX980 I still get frequent dips to 30fps especially in combat scenes. It’s like the game has internal framerate pacer that slows down fps to match the speed of ATB gauge. Lightning Returns doesn’t have this problem though.

    • DoubleDurp

      because you’re a dipshit pc fag who doesnt realise every pc game has to scale on many different types of computers where as a console game can be finely tuned, keep upgrading champ

      • lol consolefAG

        Are you retarded

        • Console and PC Master Race

          I seriously doubt that, are you though?

      • Dingleberry

        Damn peasants everywhere… PC’s are unified with an API with hardware. Do you even know what that mean dipshit? All games are “finely tuned” to Direct X and Open API like Vulkan much like GNM API for PS4.

        • DoubleDurp

          thats why you pc elites always cry about games not being optimised even with you,re overpriced soon to be outdated “rigs” that peform badly LMAO you prob think building a cpu is rocket science to the “normals” yet dont even know how to use any msdos commands, try again bud

          • Cloud Strife

            “Soon to be outdated” for us is “falls below 1080p/60 FPS”
            Whilst you can barely keep up with 1080p/30 FPS

          • Gilbertify


      • vgleakscom

        We are going to ban comments with disrespectful language.

    • Console and PC Master Race

      You’re problem is your CPU…it’s rather weak and is a bottleneck. Replace that with something like a i7 6900k and it’ll run at 120fps or so.

      • Cloud Strife

        i7 4690K will do, too, since Haswell isn’t dead yet.

      • Headshot Deluxe

        I doubt the game will support 8-core CPUs, not to mention that my CPU is by no means weak. I OC it to 4.5ghz and play more demanding games like GTA V, BF1, The Division and Witcher 3 with higher framerate.

    • Lucas Romero

      Well it’s called Remaster for a reason. They will be remastering it and changing the code and programming for it. They didn’t do shit for the PC Ports until Lightning Returns which doesn’t look as good as the past 2 and doesn’t run as well.

      • Headshot Deluxe

        I won’t get my hope up when it comes to Square Enix’s ‘Remaster’. Remember FFX/FFX-2 HD? They also remaster it and change a lot of things, but still run at 30fps, on PS4 no less. Same thing happened to FF Type 0 HD.

    • They are probably going to fix the pc ports and then port that to the ps4.

  • Stealth

    I do not think this is legit. Nothing for Switch? come on

    • bamadeus

      I know right. after the vast library of new final fantasy games on wii/ wii u it seems total bs.


      • Exactly. There’s no point in selling a collection of games to people who never had the chance (assuming Nintendo loyalists) to play them before or are nostalgically attached to (still Loyalists that have seen the snes era). No way it’d sell…


        • cycopl

          They are a business and want to develop games for platforms with an install base. Switch has literally no install base at the moment so developing something like this for Switch is a huge gamble. My money’s on Switch failing anyway.

        • andy

          In Europe they didn’t sell because they weren’t even released here. I thank Sony everyday they fought to get FFVII released in Europe, a first for a numbered FF game.

          A lot of us didn’t even know what we were missing out on back in the day while the US were asking the wrong question. Like James Rolfe said once, “instead of asking where the hell is FF IV, V and VI, I should have been asking where the hell is II, III and V”.

  • Boma Iringe

    So, I don’t quite get wtf the Season Pass is gonna have if someone wants to explain pls

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    Smells like BS

    • Invictus

      A good kind of BS tho

  • Mando44646

    anything past X wouldnt be on Vita though – I cant imagine 13, 14, or especially 15 could run on it

    • bob

      Well, out of 1-9, I could see 1-4 being on the card and the rest downloadable.

  • metroid_fetish

    This is definitely real and not at all clickbait written for drooling retards.

  • If the Crystal Complete Edition will be true, then I probably should skip pre-ordering FFXII The Zodiac Age and just wait for this set.

  • abnerayag

    the only thing missing from this is I hope they port FF12 TZA to the vita as well.

  • Console and PC Master Race

    Actually the PC version isn’t guaranteed 100% to actually happen at all. They’re thinking about it and the team would like to, but are not committed and are not promising they’ll do it.

    • Cloud Strife

      I think that’s the excuse Tabata just gave because people have been asking about FFXV PC for forever.

      Time will tell.

    • Skopin

      I’m really hoping they do bring both XV and the VII remake to PC. I have an XB1, but I’m holding out on buying XV for a PC announcement.

    • Casper

      Do you think Tabata’s going to be like oh yeah guys we have a completely superior(which he has said) PC Version of FFXV coming out in 2018, no that will drop the console versions sales exponentially

  • frikifecto

    If this whould arrive to Spain, my country, re-translated into Spanish (FFVII Spanish version is the worst translating of videogames’ history), then I would buy a PS Vita at any cost. XD

    • Davion Alexander Blackwíng

      ¿Qué tiene de malo?

      • frikifecto

        Que tiene un montón de faltas de ortografía, tantas que a veces es difícil saber lo que están diciendo, incluso a veces le cambian el sexo a los personajes cuando hablan.

  • Shazam!

    Chrono F’Ing Trigger!!!

  • bob

    Damn, I’m surprised the Crystal Complete set doesn’t include a baggie of Sakaguchi’s moustache clippings.

    • Invictus

      LOL! Or Uematsu’s long hair strands!

  • I didn’t get the XV UCE because I don’t really care about $100+ action figures (i damn sure wanted the rest though). But that Crystal Collection? Goodbye, wallet.

  • Wolferatus

    Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XV are coming to PC … is that real or just a maybe?? I like to get the true source please where Square Enix is saying that FF15 comes to PC, because tabata already said early this year there will be no PC port. Thanks

    • ClausGrimm

      This entire thing is speculation. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

    • Sun Streaker

      He hasn’t said there will never ever be a PC version either though…

    • Lambadelta

      Tabata said there is no PC version but if they are gonna work on it, it can take a year and they will take advantage of PC hardware blabla. we already near 2017 so a 2018 rumor is kinda in line with what he said.

    • Casper

      Tabata said no PC port of FFXV is planned, but he did say it will be under “consideration”(yeah it’s probably a god damn yes from Square), and he said that FFXV on the PC won’t be a simple port, but a superior recreation of FFXV, with technology that wasn’t possible on the consoles.

  • Finally a set worth my money. For it is the OLD FF games that were actually worth the yens.

    I dunno about all this new LE/CE stuff for all the games bearing the FF logo these days.

    The online games are aiight. I play both 🙂

  • Ronnie Crozier

    when is this saposse to be coming out ?????

  • Viraldi

    >Final Fantasy VII Remake … coming to PC
    >not until early-mid 2018


    • Wolferatus

      if ever it never was comfirmed for pc

      • Casper

        It was confirmed it’s a timed exclusive for PS4, so what else is it going to be released on, the Wii U?, the Xbox One?, or the guarnteed install base of FF games(PC)

    • Sun Streaker

      Hope that if it comes true, that they don’t expect people to pay full price for old port jobs.

  • Someone please tell me that FF I-IX will have trophy support.

    • Jonathan Hart

      If they are on Vita/PS4 they will have to per Sony.

  • Taylor Edwards

    What was your source?

  • YOLO-Alchemist

    All that really sounds too good to be true. But damn, if it’s legit, then 2017 will really be a great time to be an FF fan.

  • ImperiumProTeamMcArthur

    no love for FF Tactics? 🙁

  • Chomag

    People expecting Sony (you know, the guys who made Playstation?), to publish games for other consoles. Lul.

    People expecting Sony (you know, the guys who made Playstation?), to publish games for PC. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Aaron

      Sony does not own final fantasy. They don’t really have a say on what systems they come too. They have confirmed that the VII remake is coming to xXbox one already.

  • Hehe, I’m even worse… I’d want 2. One to open and one to keep sealed for future value. Retirement via video game collectibles. Hahah

    • gerol

      i’ll buy two also if the SRP is 299.99 (which I doubt) haha! I’m so pumped anyway wish this is f real!

      • Using the FFXV UCE as a basis, the SE Online Store will limit 1 per customer, so there’s that too.

  • Robo Panda Z

    I hope they release Chrono Cross on Steam as well. It really deserves a modern port.

  • Taylor Edwards

    I’m serious about you citing your sources.

  • SolidusRaccoon

    YES YES YES YES. My favs are the originals. VI really had an impact on my young life. It will be great to relive all these games. So glad they will have the original Famicom versions. Hated some of the mobile versions. I would have been happy if this was just I-VI. The rest are just bonuses.

  • Andrew Rosario

    What about pc

    • Casper

      Why would their need to be an entire collection for the PC, we will probably get FF1, 2, 12,XV, and the 7 Remake

  • Greg

    That’s a lot.

  • Master Ricky Khang

    have to see what the price will be first


    As a Playstation fan, PC fans, you are in for a BIG TREAT, if they do drop Final Fantasy Tactics on Steam. I will shill so much for that, you would not believe! Enjoy!

  • “Special items for Final Fantasy XI Mobile”
    Ok…… which one? Grandmasters or the unreleased Remake?

  • Zack fair

    Where would I buy the crystal complete version?

  • Maarten van Gent

    I NEED this to happen! Like… NOW! Who do I have to murder for this? 😀

  • Crystal Complete Edition… damn.

  • Yevo

    if the ffxv ultimate collectors was already 270, the crystal box will be 600+ lmao

  • Daniel Masterson

    This sounds like complete bullshit to me. Until they announce something this is just pure hogwash.

  • Meow_Meow

    Lmao at that Crystal Chest, lmao this thing gonna be more then my 300$ Noctis Fig? Crap D:

  • KONG

    Good, just stay away from naintendu/DRMsoft and we have a deal

  • Nickolaidas

    BRING IT!!

  • Taylor Edwards


  • Jon Snow

    What’s a good way to follow the release date for this? I don’t want to miss it like I did FF15, that one sold out fast!!!

  • Psebcool .

    Finally bullshit…

    • MaTheroNN

      Bullshit is you ass you fucking son of a bitch.

  • Darkholme

    Here I am waiting and hoping that the Steam’s part is true.

  • Darkholme

    The leaks are true until now, thats goooooooood.

    • JonTheGod


      • Darkholme

        “Eh?” What?

        • JonTheGod

          As far as I’ve read, there has been no new news since the original leak – suggesting that it’s not true. So, I’m totally not understanding (a) what you’re saying, and (b) where you’re coming from.

          • Darkholme

            Check steam for FFXV

          • JonTheGod

            Still no idea.

          • Darkholme

            Oh sorry, my bad, I misread what you said, cheers mate.