Final Fantasy Type-0 related announcement for E3 teased by Square-Enix France [Updated Info: Confirmed, FF Type-0 coming to PS4/Xbox One]

[UPDATE] Square-Enix has just announced that Final Fantasy Type-0 will be coming to the West as an HD remaster for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Besides, Final Fantasy Agito is confirmed for a Western release on iOS and Android devices. final-fantasy-type-0   [divider scroll_text=””]   A few days ago, a Final Fantasy Type-0 related announcement for E3 2014 was teased by Square-Enix France on twitter. When asked about the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 in the West, S-E France answered:

As an old friend said: “Be patient and who knows what E3 will bring”

Here you can see a translated version of  the tweets: final-fantasy-type-0-square-enix-france-twitter.png   As you can read, it seems that Square Enix is planning “small” surprises for E3 and, maybe, a localized version of Final Fantasy Type-0 is one of them. Unfortunately, we also have to look at other possibilities. Final Fantasy Agito -set in the same universe as FF Type-0- was released last week for iOS and Android in Japan, so  there is a good chance that S-E France is talking about the Western release of this game. Stay tuned. E3 2014 will bring news about this. Via | SegmentNext & @Obsqura