Ghostworld (Tales of the Unspeakable) overview – Tequila Works unreleased project (I)

This industry provides with extravagant ideas to the publishers, but sometimes they don’t want to take the risk to invest their money in some special projects. Ghostworld (Tales of the Unspeakable) from Tequila Works was rejected by Sony and Microsoft. Despite of this gloomy ending, Ghostworld had potential, something that evokes us to the classics adventures published in the nineties.

Tequila Works carved a mystery action adventure title clearly inspired by the Lovecraft Mythos through a gameplay that would force the player to solve puzzles and control two players simultaneously in order to explore, interact and survive the madness.



Proposed Project

This vintage cartoon adventure was presented to Sony and Microsoft, but both companies decided to overlook and let the game to collect dust in a drawer.

  • Title: Ghostworld (Tales of the Unspeakable)
  • Format: XBLA/PSN
  • Genre: Action Adventure-Humorous Survival Horror
  • Release Timing: 2014
  • Development time: 22 months
  • Target: usual players aged 25-35 years old


Ghostworld (Tales of the Unspeakable) Concept

An action adventure game mixed with humor and survival horror mechanics would have been celebrated by some players. There is always a market for those alternatives, avid consumers wishing to enjoy the taste of the horror.

Mystery-action adventure game, puzzles and a stealth touch.

Beautiful and sinister 3D highly detailed models resembling old school 2D style cartoon through complex shading in models and environments.

A charming mixture of pulp action, Lovecraftian horrors, Indy action and vintage comic book. Players would face unspeakable horrors. Despite of this gloomy treatment, the adventure would have had humor, like Indiana Jones movies.

Deep narrative experiences based in Pulp novels.

Play in 3 realms at the same time: the real physical world, the ethereal ghost world and the sinister demonic world.



Gameplay and design

Ghostworld would have offered a great combination of adventure, horror, puzzles (yeah, puzzles, something to solve, something to think) built in a refined stylish world.

Explore, hide and set traps to invincible abominations from beyond the gates.

Explore a huge variety of scenarios.

The player will have the chance to switch between two main characters with their own abilities.

Puzzles are built combining the three worlds.

Gameplay combat mechanics, it is better to avoid enemies.




Tales of the Unspeakable had got his own parents. High class references to inspire the game. Survival horrors and adventure fans should know the following products:

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