GTA V Source Code reveals PS4 and PC versions of the game

Not long ago, Sony UK ‘accidentally’ hinted a PS4 version of GTA V. Amazon and others retailers also listed GTA V for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Even a Special Edition of the game was detailed. Today we can see the latest proof of GTA V existence for PC and next-gen systems.

Xbox 360 version of GTA V was leaked some days ago and, in the source code, references to PC and Orbis (PlayStation 4) versions have been found. Take a look at the images:



Of course, Rockstar has not even pronounced upon this, but I won’t expect any confirmation about the existence of GTA V for next-gen systems and PC.  At least for now.

By the way, here you can see some clips of the game, and here you can see Grand Theft Auto V map

Thanks, Gaming Blend.