Leak: Assassins Creed: Rising Phoenix new screenshoot.

We knew two new Assassins Creed games were in development. One is Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, officially announced by Ubisoft two weeks ago, but we did not know much about the other AC project, although we hinted it to be for PS Vita.

Some time ago this screenshot appeared and rumors began to spread all over the internet:



Today a second image has appeared. It’s showing the same logo and the same text about Ubisoft’s privacy. We can also see some people in cloaks in what it seems to be a more futuristic scenario.



As we have said, a new Vita AC game is being developed, so this “Rising Phoenix” could, perfectly, be that game. Furthermore, there are sites listing the game for PS Vita, as Xtralife (a spanish shop) has done recently:



With so many leaks perhaps we won’t have to wait much more until Ubisoft tell us something about all of this.


Thanks to Allgamesbeta.