Leak: Dark Souls II Beta Gameplay Videos and texture assets

Dark Souls II is set to debut in March 2014, but before that some lucky users are playing a special beta on Playstation 3.

Today some videos have been leaked. We don’t know if that means that Dark Souls II allows the player to share footage, but thanks to them we can see a lot of footage from this long awaited sequel.

This closed Beta will officially begin on October 5. If you want to get in, Namco Bandai recommends following the official Dark Souls Facebook page.

Some texture assets from the Beta version of Dark Souls II have also appeared on the web.

dark-souls-2-textures-1.pngdark-souls-2-textures-2.png dark-souls-2-textures-3.png







The game looks gorgeous.

Thanks, NeoGaf.