Leak: Gears of War Remaster Beta footage

First footage of the rumoured Gears of War Remaster for Xbox One (developed by Splash Damage and apparently titled Gears of War: Ultimate Edition) has appeared on the Internet thanks to Xbox Live users ElitistPath05 and SpongyPlains6, who have leaked a couple of short clips.

Previous rumours reported that multiple people across the United States obtained access during last month to a test build of “Gears of War” for Xbox One, but these videos seem to be from even an early build, since they were recorded on February 26.

According to the sources, Gears of Wars remaster will feature updated visuals (improved lighting, increased texture quality, 60 frames per second) and, besides, the cut scenes are being reworked by animation studio Plastic Wax.

Gears-Remaster-Leak-Compare_05-13-15_001 (1)












Via | NeoGaf

  • Guest

    Not impressed with this at all! If this is what we’re to expect from Gears on XB1 I’m glad I didn’t waste my money on one.

    Maybe the system will eventually get some games that convince me to buy the system, but so far this generation Microsoft can’t match Sony or Nintendo’s offerings.
    MS really needs to fix their huge droughts for exclusives too, instead of relying on poorly executed remasters.

    This looks about up to par with Judgement for visuals, which was great on 360, but XB1 is meant to be an 8th gen console.
    I realize this is from an early build and not a finished one, but it should give you an idea of how the game will looking upon release.

    Not impressed Microsoft, do better and maybe I’ll eventually buy your console!

    • Arcnail

      Lets wait for a real announcement and official visuals first eh?

      Oh.. and MS not matching Nintendo ‘this generation’? WiiU is last gen. How many of the new cross platform games are coming out for that piece of shit? None.

    • lj2387

      I prefer Microsoft’s exclusives to Sony’s, but it’s all a preference. Remasters, unfortunately, never really turn out that great. I think this actually looks pretty good considering the game came out nearly a decade ago. Of course, it isn’t the greatest looking game in the world, but what true remaster looks better? Don’t say The Last of Us, because that game wasn’t a remaster, it was simply a release of a game that was created at the end of a console generation on PC at a higher resolution than they could get out of the PS3.