Leak: 'League of Legends: Supremacy'

Riot Games is the company behind ‘League of Legends‘, a F2P  multiplayer online battle arena video game published for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Yesterday Riot Games president Marc Merrill had his twitter account hacked and details on Riot Games’ second videogame have surfaced.

The hacker used Merrill’s account to show a login screen for something titled League of Legends: Supremacy and a set of card templates.


League-of-Legends-Supremacy-Card-border-design-5 League-of-Legends-Supremacy-Card-border-design-4 League-of-Legends-Supremacy-Card-border-design-3 League-of-Legends-Supremacy-Card-border-design-2











This title has never been announced, but League of Legends: Supremacy was registered as a trademark in 2012 along with many domains:

  • leageoflegendssupremacy.com
  • leageoflegendssupremacy.net
  • leagueoflegendsupremacy.com
  • leagueoflegendsupremacy.net
  • leaugeoflegendssupremacy.com
  • leaugeoflegendssupremacy.net
  • lolsupramecy.com
  • lolsupramecy.net
  • lolsupremecy.com
  • lolsupremecy.net
  • lolsupremicy.com
  • lolsupremicy.net

According to the hacker, ‘League of Legends: Supremacy’ is “a standalone game”, a game for which he had the “server and client source” and was “fully completed, but never released“.

Today Marc Merrill has retaken control of his account and has been quick to say that the leaked images were from “old screens from one of the many prototypes” Riot had experimented with.

Stay tuned.

Thanks, VG247.

  • Nekrim

    A card game, why am I not surprised…