Leak: New artworks from Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313 was called to be the first next generation game from the Star Wars franchise.

The game, which was introduced in the E3 2012, was supposed to be a third-person action (TPS) game featuring the famous bounty hunter Boba Fett.


The future of the game is uncertain at this point. On April 3rd, 2013 it was announced that The Walt Disney Company had ceased internal development of all projects at LucasArts, including Star Wars 1313. However, company representatives have indicated that the game may be revived through a licensing deal with an outside studio (currently Electronics Arts signed a deal with Disney to use the license in the coming years) , but until then Star Wars 1313 remains “cancelled”.

Recently, Gustavo H. Mendonça,  one of the concept designers involved in the project, shared some of his work in Star Wars 1313.

The illustrations below show new weapons, characters and locations.

1383049725-star-wars-1313-mentor-blaster 1383049724-star-wars-1313-kelic-mech-legs 1383049443-star-wars-1313-kelic-helmet-off 1383049442-star-wars-1313-kelic-helmet 1383049386-star-wars-1313-kelic-helmet-2 1383049386-star-wars-1313-boba-costume-1-final 1383049385-star-wars-1313-kelic-helmet-1 1383049383-star-wars-1313-slum-concept 1383049248-star-wars-1313-sunset 1383049248-star-wars-1313-boba-fett-capture 1383049027-star-wars-1313-street 1383049024-star-wars-1313-underworld-coruscant 1383049020-star-wars-1313-warehouse-district 1383048820-star-wars-1313-street-detail 1383048820-star-wars-1313-alley 1383048819-star-wars-1313-back-alley 1383048720-star-wars-1313-boba-fett-action 1383048718-star-wars-1313-entertainment-district

Thanks,  Kotaku