Leak: Square-Enix registers 'The Mad & the Monstrous'


Square-Enix has registered a new product with the name “The Mad & the Monstrous“:

The Mad and the Monstrous Leak: Square Enix registers 'The Mad & the Monstrous' | VGLeaks 2.0


We have no idea about platform, genre or other details.

My first thought would be this is a mobile game, but one of the first reactions to the resignation of Wada as S-E CEO was to put on hold the mobile division and sell an important part of it.

We’ll have to wait.

Thanks to GAF.

  • Edmund

    “The Mad & the Monstrous”? Sounds pretty familiar…

    “Dancing Mad” is the last track for Final Fantasy VI, referring to Kefka Palazzo, the main antagonist, also known as the “mad” clown.

    Monstrous is a word translated from the latin “Sors Immanis”, which are the lyrics for O Fortuna, the lyrics featured in One Winged Angel, the last track for Final Fantasy VII, referring Sephiroth.

    Both games are close, as 7 goes after 6, and the order of the IP suggests the same. Too familiar actually.