Leak: Titanfall Closed Alpha Test Gameplay and Screenshots

At the moment, one of the biggest games for 2014, Titanfall, is only available for some lucky gamers who have already got their hands on an alpha version of the game.

The positive side for the rest of mortals is that some Titanfall Closed Alpha footage has been leaked, allowing us to see many screenshots and a gameplay video.

Without further ado:

Titanfall will be released in March for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Thanks, AGB

Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-2 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-3 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-4 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-5 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-6 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-7 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-8 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-9 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-10 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-11 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-12 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-13 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-14 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-15 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-16 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-17 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-18 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-
Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-19 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-20 Titanfall-Closed-Alpha-Test-Gets-Leaked-Gameplay-Video-Screenshots-418278-21


  • James Campbell

    Blatant violations of the legally binding NDA.

  • bickle2

    I feel bad for the 11 innocent people who will likely get banned

  • Maynard_VGL

    By the way, this footage seems to confirm that Titanfall runs at 720p on Xbox One.

    • koker48

      So? Why the big deal what this games resolutions is. After playing it all weekend I had a blast, it has an addictive formula.

      • Maynard_VGL

        Ok, but resolution info is important to many people 🙂

        • john21

          they purposely used lower res graphics to minimize the download size of the file

        • Shad

          Not really…. I honestly couldn’t careless if the game was 720p or 1080p either one is good as long as the graphics look sharp and the games fun I’m game no pun intended. Look at cod4 games graphics are so out dated but if everyone started playing that again we wouldn’t be having this convo.