'Left 4 Dead 3' spotted on SteamWorks.

Valve’s SteamWorks Development site has given to us a reference that points directly to ‘Left 4 Dead 3‘.

An enterprising developer discovered the reference to the game on site but he was quickly banned for the hack. According to him, “there were lots of interesting things I found. L4D3 was the most interesting although it hasn’t been updated in months so it may be dead.



Is Valve trying to hide this leak, or, in fact, is this actually a dead project?

Another interesting point is that the game could use the engine “Source 2”, which is rumored to be Half Life 3’s engine.



The company has stated they won’t be showing anything at E3 2013, so I guess we’ll have to wait even more to know the truth about all of this.

Thanks, PixelEnemy.

  • OnlyWar

    This will be on PS4

    • broughman420

      What about 360 because i don’t feel like spending money on a next gen console

      • poop

        Your problem. Next gen is coming. High class developers wont stay behind just because you cant afford it.

        • dembo

          Next gen is coming… to bend you over and bum every last penny out of you for a system and games that you don’t actually ‘own’… yes, next gen is coming 😉

        • broughman420

          they did with the PS2 for the longest time

    • Ippoletta

      No it wont, it will be PC and Xbox One exclusive like the others.

      • Cameron Rogers

        Nobody at all knows that damn fanboy.

        Look online, the future is bad for the Xbone.
        Even gabe newell says he hates Win 8 and Xbone.

        • Ippoletta

          Nah, he said he hates windows 8 sony shill. he didn’t say anything about the Xbox One. as a matter of fact everybody is buying one now since they removed the fucking DRM. Get real. the future is bright for the Xbox one. like i said, it will be PC and Xbox exclusive.

  • Mainvoid

    Orange box 2 (3?): HL3, Left 4 dead 3, portal 3

    • Ippoletta

      God id love that. but i doubt it. they’d have to be out for some time.

  • Cameron Rogers

    As long as L4D3 finally comes to a PS console, i can care. If not, go to hell.