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Lego Jurassic World possibly in development

lego jurassic world

The license created by Spielberg and Universal in the nineties will be back the next year. There is a movie in works called Jurassic World. A smash hit for the pictures market with an estimated budget of $150.000.000. If they want to share one million with me, I will be their man.

Jurassic World will establish a network of partners in order to promote the movie. One of these associates could be Lego. At least, according a leaked document that shows the roadmap expected for this new Jurassic film. Hence, we could have a new game based on the dinosaur franchise. An open map world would fit very well in that environment.

lego jurassic world 600x217 Lego Jurassic World possibly in development | VGLeaks 2.0

On the other hand, Toys R Us’s will focus their business during the 2015 in the Jurassic products. So, it means a flood of merchandising will be ready before the movie premiere, among those products, Lego could launch their own game.


  • fablegnomes

    this doesn’t mean its gonna be a game its most likely gonna be a lego playset cause it doesn’t say legos gaming company

  • Brock Puntenney

    I would rather have lego tmnt!!! Make it happen!!!