Major Nelson does not use Kinect with Xbox One


Microsoft has ratified his policy with Xbox One since the presentation of that system (speaking about Kinect and Xbox One as a bundle). Xbox One is an inseparable pack between a console and a peripheral, Kinect. That’s the meaning of Xbox One for Microsoft, but not for Major Nelson.

Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, had used Twitter to share with his followers a new feature for Xbox One. A button included in the interface that allows players to check if there is a new system update.

BkqvWwhCcAAe3yT 600x337 Major Nelson does not use Kinect with Xbox One | VGLeaks 2.0

The funny thing is: Major Nelson does not use Kinect in his Xbox One. Upper right in the picture there is a symbol that symbolizes that Kinect is not connected. Life is irony.

Microsoft should consider selling Xbox One without Kinect, Major Nelson illustrates that Kinect is just and extra, a gimmick.

Thanks, Major Nelson Twitter.

PS: The key of the message is: don’t impose things that your own employees don’t use.

  • Mr XBob

    Stick to your (almost always wrong) rumours, and keep out of the fanboy wars. This is beneath you guys. Stop with the agenda.

    Larry doesn’t have Kinect plugged in at work, in his office (where this screenshot was taken) because certain things in his office are basically not allowed to be seen yet. He said this very clearly when he was showcasing the new Twitch app before it launched. People kept asking him to show off the picture-in-picture on the stream, and he said he would when he streamed from home (which he did, multiple times, with kinect).

    • Revolver Ocelot

      You mean the rumours that were all correct? The specs? The DRM? The always-online crap you excused for, and continue to do so?

      Neil Smith the Xbot loser runs to Larry Herb’s defence like a true white knight. Pathetic lump of dog sh*t.

      Always fun to remind yourselves of this once in a while:

  • nemes1s en4cer

    So you are saying that ALL Microsoft employees that have an Xbox One should be using a Kinect no matter what. Thats like saying if you work at McDonalds, all you should eat is McDonalds food. Everybody is different, and if they choose not to eat or use something, that is their choice.

    he has obviously used it when he has done twitch streams, but maybe he had it disconnected at the time for a particular reason. Sure, you can play the speculation game, but if you dont ask him WHY it was disconnected, you will never know.

    • Oscar Portillo

      It does apply if your the poster child for XBox and at work.
      What he does on his own time is different but work related he should show more interest.
      But I could care less for it regardless.

      • ThinkBeforeYouSpeak

        The phrase is “couldn’t care less” – you’re essentially saying the opposite of what you’re trying to.

        Hope this helps.

  • Grifter17

    VG Leaks .. GROW UP .. really

  • I think this is a pretty interesting finding, and I don’t understand all the hate in the comments

    • Grifter17

      This “report” is the equivalent of me finding a beer can in your trash and then coming to the conclusion that you are an Alcoholic..

  • ThinkBeforeYouSpeak

    Yay! Well done. This image wasn’t taken from Larry’s Xbox One, you idiots. It’s a development screenshot. Do you SEE Major Nelson’s account details anywhere? Or his name?

    Fucking trolls.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    When even the hype monkeys can’t be bothered with the camera you know it’s a big mistake.

    • ThinkBeforeYouSpeak

      So you’re just a flat out idiot that sucks up everything without questioning it? GOOD WORK AT LIFE!

  • asdf

    I’m pretty done with the MS hate from VGleaks.