New Batman game incoming? Rocksteady could unveil something soon

Warner Bros. is taking advantage of Batman. The Dark Knight bleeds money, so considering the situation we should expect a new Batman game soon and the news is: Rocksteady could show the game to the press in the next weeks.

There are two sources of info that invites to think in a new Batman iteration:

1. Jan Meijroos, Dutch journalist, stated in Twitter that Rocksteady had sent invitations to the press to see something and there was an embargo for one month that concerns that private event at Rocksteady studios.


2. This poster has been leaked (apparently it would be used to promote this new product):


Therefore, we should expect a new Batman game for Nov/Dec, this time made by Rocksteady.

They could adapt or they could inspire on Batman by Gaslight, It’s a great and a different vision of the Batman storyline. I really would be pleased with something like that.

Thanks, Neo-GAF & Gamespot.