Xbox One (Next-Xbox) presentation: What should we expect? (Leaks & Rumors summary)


Microsoft has the most difficult task with Xbox One, the company has to satisfy two crowds. One would be the hardcore gamers, this people want to enjoy Durango with core titles like Halo, Gears and exclusives galore. They are not going to play with Kinect 2.0, in fact they use to hate Kinect. I understand them.

If you want to produce money, easy money, you have to make games for the second public: the casual gamers. This people enjoy Kinect or try to enjoy it. Microsoft should balance its products with games and apps for everybody, but slightly oriented to the hardcore gamers, because this people won’t hesitate to spend their money in your new console if you present the right games for them.

I would like to make a little summary upon Durango/Xbox One, I’ll split the article in two sections, hardware and software.


We have published too many leaks for Durango. I really think that we have dissected the hardware for the new Microsoft console. This product should compete with Sony, truly that’s not the most important point and a console is a piece of hardware able to run games

Durango Unveiled: A summary that includes the general info for the hardware. If you don’t want to read a lot, this is your article. Serve chilled.

Xbox Companion: This article is still heating. Use your tablet, your phone or your grandmother with Durango. Wii U experience with Xbox One.

13 600x387 Xbox One (Next Xbox) presentation: What should we expect? (Leaks & Rumors summary) | VGLeaks 2.0

Sound of Tomorrow: Take advantage of the next-gen sound.

Microsoft Xbox roadmap 2013: Neither always online, nor block second-hand games and Xbox Mini. Microsoft could be working on a set top box aside the Xbox Mini, this is another info that we have got, but they are working on this system too.

Durango XDK: If you have a dev kit, you have to install programs to run your development tools. A Sneak peek for this unknown face of Durango.

Durango CPU Overview.

Kinect 2.0: Microsoft will include an enhanced Kinect with Durango. I hope this time I will be able to play with Kinect and not Kinect with me.

23 600x310 Xbox One (Next Xbox) presentation: What should we expect? (Leaks & Rumors summary) | VGLeaks 2.0

Display Planes.

Move Engines.

Alpha kit: When Durango was a PC.


Call of Duty: Ghosts. That’s not a surprise, although the Durango’s presentation will be the first act where we will see the first footage for Ghosts. It’s COD, so I would not expect a big change in the series. One thing, I want 60fps and 1080p.

Forza 5: Sony will have Driveclub, hence Microsoft should show Forza 5. Supposedly this game will have top graphics, close to the real life. Next-gen Forza should represent a leap between the current gen and the new one (speaking about technology). This game could make the debut of a new feature called Vista. This tool will allow the player to obtain statistical info upon different car features (internal and external) and to virtually navigate and operate the vehicles.

33 Xbox One (Next Xbox) presentation: What should we expect? (Leaks & Rumors summary) | VGLeaks 2.0

Ryse: A Kinect game powered by Crytek. Microsoft likes to start the generation with a megaton; Ryse could be the Infinity’s megaton. Xbox had Halo, Xbox 360 had Gears of War and Durango could show the first game that takes advantage of Kinect 2.0. Hard to believe, I know.

Project Gotham Racing 5: Bizarre was closed years ago, but Lucid Games was founded by Bizarre former employees. According the rumors this team would be developing the game with Rare. Personally, this game would obligate me to buy Durango.

Halo 5: Not for the window launch, less for the launch. I wouldn’t bet a buck on this possibility. I guess 343i could show a teaser trailer or a trailer, but not a game for the next months.

Gears of War 4: Epic Games relied their work on People Can Fly with GoW: Judgment. The company released Gears of War 3 almost two years ago, so, they have had enough time to work on a new Gears of War and maybe they are ready to show us the tech symbol on Xbox One.

Rare: The legacy of the Stamper bros it’s only a memory when we talk about Rare, albeit the gamers always give an opportunity to Rare. This is the last chance, if the group is working on an AAA, they have to unveil it during the Next-Xbox presentation. Kameo 2 would be a perfect game to release with Durango. Open maps, detailed worlds and a way to explore the new hardware. Moreover, I want colorful games.

EA: Microsoft and the worst company of the States could have signed an exclusive contract. EA could be programing an only for Mass Effect for Durango. This deal could cover some games for a specific time. EA have a multiplatform business, so these games should appear in other systems along the time (not for Wii U). FIFA 14 will be on the presentation, maybe they could announce and exclusive deal for some points, not for the full game.

32 Xbox One (Next Xbox) presentation: What should we expect? (Leaks & Rumors summary) | VGLeaks 2.0

Titan: Respawn Entertainment could unveil the new million seller for Durango. According rumors this game would be a multiplayer game only for Infinity. Activision VS EA.

Kinect 2.0: Party games, family games and this type of stuff for the gimmick. I’m not going to dedicate time to this point and you don’t want to read it.

Microsoft: More rumors, Micro could be six months behind the games production with Durango. Many reasons for that, they have fewer studios than Sony and they have had to get exclusive deals with third-parties, moreover they could have cancelled some projects.


Microsoft has positioned Xbox 360 like a multimedia console. You can run Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services and even games with 360. Durango should promote this point with more deals, more companies and more services. If you have Xbox One in your dinning room, you won’t need more. That’s the idea.

The Redmond Company could offer exclusive content in their platforms. Heroes could come back in a new born for the TV series with a new plot and a new script. Microsoft would look for only for content in games, apps and maybe TV content.

Price & Release date

Price: 500$ or 300$ with a mandatory subscription. Expect a price in that range.

Release date: Most probably November. One way or another, this year.

  • T.E Starkey

    In 2 hours we will peer into the abyss, and leverage new insight.

    • Maynard_VGL

      I wonder if EA will announce some Mass Effect or Battlefield exclusivity for next-gen…

  • zybraisacock

    Forza 5 looked poor, as did COD Ghosts. Sony has nothing to worry about. Only 5GB of ram available for games and used games block. Should have called it XBox GONE!

    • beeje

      And only 6 cores availble for gaming was spoken about? Anyone heard that too? Sony did the right thing using a sperateARM chip for the background stuff.

      • zybraisacock

        You are correct sir! Apparently according to semiaccurate the final specs are even worse than was feared. Their twitter feed was buzzing last night.

    • Kreten

      HAHAHAHA And sony only 4Gb available for games HAHAHA

      • guest


      • Actually they both have 8GB although the PS4 is 50% more powerful.

  • Thomper

    Yep, I’ll buy it….and the PS4….

  • jimi

    xbox one looks ugly, but i will buy it nonetheless! fantastic console! best part:no blocking of used games and no always-online

    • Bot

      There is somewhat blocking of used games. There is reportedly a fee to pay?

      • zybraisacock

        The rumour is not just a fee but full price!

    • zybraisacock

      Kotaku just confirmed with Phil Harrison that Xbox one will have to connect to the internet at least once a day. So yeah you do need a net connection.

      • david

        your hot love me

  • Sallus

    OMG just read MS introduces activation codes and game activation via internet!! what are the chances SONY jumps on the bandwagon and introduces this too? I will NEVER buy the xb1 with this customer rapism.

    • david

      hey bb

  • And sadly rumors were true

    Why do you want to kick yourself out of the next-gen, Microsoft? Why? 360 was an awesome console and now you just show… that…

    Focused on livingroom video-tv stuff, used games only playable after paying a fee, Multi-S.O. draining CPU and RAM resources, a new Kinect that outdates the not so old Kinect we barely used which also drains more CPU and RAM resources than the old one, the need to install every game into the HDD, need to connect to internet at least once per day to check the console registry.

    I can’t believe they’ve done that, it’s not a videogame console… it’s a prank, it must be a prank….

    • zybraisacock

      I know it’s sad really. They’ve gone and kicked their loyal customers in the teeth with this.

      • david

        I love guys

  • Frank Fontaine

    Upon further review of the XBOX one reveal video, from the point where the presenter said “xbox watch espn”, one of three things is possible. 1 : the xbox travels through time, as it showed a game between the miami heat and the la clippers, which would have only occured in february of this year. #2: The mechanic to compile points for a fantasy league adds points from replays of games from up to 3 months back. #3 : the entire thing was fabricated, none of the presenters actions actually did anything but give a visual cue to a guy in the back who hit a button to have the screen change.

    • zybraisacock

      Hmm. Interesting.

      • david

        hiiiiiiiiiiiii babe

    • Wow, great work detective inspector captain obvious. Do you think you are dropping knowledge right now? You would have to be a complete moron to try and do this level of presentation as a live demo with unfinished hardware and code. It was a staged tech demo and I would expect no less.

    • david

      me gay 😉

  • zybraisacock

    I see zybra must be on down-voting any negative comments about his beloved MSoft.

    • david


  • The new tech looks awesome. For the first time I am actually excited about the potential of Kinect.

    I do have serious concerns with how under powered it might be when compared to the PS4. It is doing a lot more with a little less.

    Dedicated servers and cloud processing sounds freaking awesome though (that is some true future tech right there) but I fear developers will be scared to take advantage of it because they don’t want to deal with the always online stigma.

    As least you know the first party guys will ball up. I am so stoked on what this means for games like Halo 5. Massive lag free maps? 100+ player death matches? Flying around pelicans or even Covenant corvettes? OMG

    • david

      I really do love your ass

    • david


    • david


  • Tyrion Lannister

    wow -many fans lost interest in xbox one after the anti-consumerism fiasco. shame on you microsoft! i hope nobody supports this.go home xbox is ironically a perfect fit.

    • david

      I suck dick

    • david


  • jgaryone

    I’m going to comment on Microsoft’s “Cloud Processing” and how it’ll be utilized to enhance games going forward. It isn’t just a marketing ploy to make the box itself appear feature rich with buzzwords. Instead it will have actual use to enhance gaming graphics which will be unique to Xbox One.

    This is performed on a per-function basis for developers to utilize, and right now it is still in-progress yet impressive as it is. For now its use is mostly physics based which can help offload the GPU significantly.

    The quick and dirty explanation is that developers can send data to the server, have it run and process the data, and return the animation code back to the console for the GPU to render the output. It is done dynamically.

    If the sever does not return the data back on time to keep frame rates consistent, then the Xbox One will render the animation itself for that instance, but it will only be a static process and is not nearly as impressive, but will be on par with non-cloud rendering devices such as PS4.

    To lay out an example here in a game: You shoot a rocket at a building, and the building takes “massive damage”. As expected in most games, the building will show some cosmetic damage, but for the most part it will remain standing and will almost never collapse unless it was pre-determined to do so. Without the cloud, this will remain the case for most games still. This include both One and PS4.

    The advantage One (cloud) has in this case is utilizing the cloud to process the physics required to animate the collapsing building realistically and dynamically. If a developer utilizes this feature, they would for example have data in relation to when the weapon was fired, which object is going to be impacted, and what to do with this impacted object.

    This data is sent to MS the moment the weapon is fired. During the points of firing the weapon and projectile impact, the resulting animation data is returned to the console to render completely offloading these calculations to the cloud. And as stated before, if the data is not returned on time, the One will calculate the physics data but at a much lower process.

    The more servers used for this function, the better the output will be. This is what some would call the “secret sauce” of Xbox One, and something “Jonathan Blow” hasn’t had the pleasure of working with (yet). Right now it’s being tested by MS and MS 3rd party partners.

    This also raises an interesting idea being toyed around. Can multiple Xbox One’s in a household act as a local cloud for this same level of processing? MS will have more to talk about at E3.

    • zybraisacock

      Wrong! Check out the article on eurogamer about MSoft’s so called cloud processing ambitions. It’s basically bull shit. The system itself simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to use it effectively. It will be a horrible lag ridden mess. Unfortunately this site doesn’t allow links to be posted so you will have to search for it yourself. And cloud processing will only mean one thing, always on internet! It simply cant be used without it.

      • david


    • Not

      Realtime physics, graphics, using cloud processing + local processing doesn’t exist! There is no such thing as use the power of thousands of CPUs of cloud servers and if that fails to reply in time, fallback to local processing. That’s not possible.

      If somebody knows of a way of sending a ping to a server located at over 9000 kilometers far away and receiving the reply in less than a nano second, let me know.

    • david


    • david

      ariana grande is hot I love her (;

  • FAN

    Dear vgleaks,

    I’m curious about one thing. Nvidia revealed that negotiations with Sony did happen. Imagination, the makers of PowerVR line of chipsets, are in PSP vita. Both Microsoft and Sony decided to drop IBM CPU and opted for AMD APUs.

    Out of curiosity, why drop IBM? Did negotiations with Intel ever happened? Did Microsoft ever talked to Nvidia?

    • david