Switch: Pikmin World listed, Breath of the Wild with Japanese voices selectable and Skyrim not based on current gen

Nintendo Switch is the main character in the videogame market right now. The initial software revealed at the Switch’s presentation let down part of the potential buyers, but Nintendo is not only Mario & Zelda. In fact, a new Pikmin called “Pikmin World” could be on works for the hybrid system.

  • Pikmin Worldhas been listed in some European retailers. The game is listed to be released on March 24th, most likely is a placeholder, but a new Pikmin for Switch could be lurking in the shadows.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild could include the Japanese voiceover in all the regions.
  • Skyrim for Switch might not be a port of the PS4/Xbox One versions. The game could be based on the PS3/Xbox 360 versions.

Thanks, Thisgengaming 1 & 2, Zeldainformer.

  • That would suck if the skyrim thing is true.

    • CamonnaTong

      It wouldn’t really make a lot of sense seeing as how Skyrim:SE is a lot more stable and performance friendly than the original game is. Even the Switch will get better performance out of SE than the original game (I definitely do with my Laptop, it never dips below 60 FPS, whereas the original did in certain areas). Only thing that would make sense is an architecture issue, but I doubt that.

      • Ebisu

        There’s also the fact the footage we’ve already seen features all the updates to snow and water shaders that the remaster introduced. Based on that FACT alone, I’d say this rumor it will be based on the Xbox 360/PS3 versions is utter bullshit. I’m more convinced it will be a “optimized” version of Skyrim Special Edition.

  • Chewbacci Never

    it will be the remastered version!! but may not look quite as nice as ps4 xb1, but who cares on a small screen it will still look stunning! and will scale up for telly! this will be easy to achive as it is pc game