Playstation 4 (Orbis) GPU – compute, queues and pipelines


A lot of rumors are flooding internet about GPU enhancements in Playstation4 (Orbis). We will try to give more info about this AMD’s custom graphic card inside PS4.

As we said Liverpool GPU is derived from R10XX family from AMD (Southern Islands). Front end blocks, back end blocks, and the basics of the shader cores remain largely unchanged. But they have added some major new additions (mostly aimed at improving the capabilities and efficiences of compute workloads).

Liverpool has multiple compute rings and pipes that provides fine control over how the system resources are divided amongst all of the application’s GPU workloads. This pipelines can perform simulteneous asynchronous compute.

This diagram exposes the queues and pipelines from PS4 GPU (you can click to enlarge the image).

gpu queues 600x504 Playstation 4 (Orbis) GPU   compute, queues and pipelines | VGLeaks 2.0

You can compare the PS4 GPU rings (above) with R10XX retail (below)

ring Playstation 4 (Orbis) GPU   compute, queues and pipelines | VGLeaks 2.0

PS4 GPU has a total of 2 rings and 64 queues on 10 pipelines

– Graphics (GFX) ring and pipeline

  • Same as R10xx
  • Graphics and compute
  • For game


– High Priority Graphics (HP3D) ring and pipeline

  • New for Liverpool
  • Same as GFX pipeline except no compute capabilities
  • For exclusive use by VShell


– 8 Compute-only pipelines

  • Each pipeline has 8 queues of a total of 64
  • Replaces the 2 compute-only queues and pipelines on R10XX
  • Can be used by both game and VShell (likely assign on a pipeline basis, 1 for VShell, and 7 for game)
  • Queues can be allocated by game system or by middleware type
  • Allows rendering and compute loads to be processed in parallel
  • Liverpool compute-only pipelines do not have Constant Update Engines (presented in R10XX cards)


  • xXx

    The Durango CPU vgleaks, the Durango CPU

  • James

    didnt understand shit of this

  • Dawn Keybals


    • MassErect

      LOL. Same here! But I’m still excited!

  • Deadmeat

    According to this info, the Durango with its 12 rendering CU is 20% more powerful than the PSX4. How the tide turned around in just a few days.

    • larrylain

      durango has 6 rendering CU. it’s GPU is was less powerful than PS4’s

      • Jeremy

        you are drunk, lol

    • WK

      Why are you talking of CU count? The diagram shows rings and pipelines. The CUs are hidden inside the big blue blocks in the bottom, and by specs there are 18 of them.

      • Deadmeat

        The PS4 CU and the Durango CUs are directly comparable because they come from the same vendor and is of same generation. The PS4 APU has 18 CUs, 10 of which are for rendering and 8 are for OpenCL compute tasks. The Durango GPU has 12 CUs, all of which are dedicated to graphics rendering. Microsoft chip’s secret sauce is in the CPU whose FPU is much more powerful than the Jaguar’s FPU and run compute tasks directly on the CPU instead of CU shaders.

        • WK

          1) The alleged split by earlier leaks was 14+4, with 4 CUs dedicated to computing and _14_ to graphics. After the reveal, it appears that’s not the case and developers are free to use all 18 as they think better

          2) This has _zero_ to do with this article, since the CUs are not even drawn in the schematics. Thus I can’t understand why you opened with “according to this info”, unless you’re looking at ten queues and somehow thinking they map to ten CUs. Which is not the case.

          Note how you have 3 queues in the retail radeon GPU schematics? Do you think that implies 3 CUs?

          • bitcloudrzr

            Don’t bother with this idiot. He is so stupid he was banned from SemiAccurate.

            He tries so hard to make the next Xbox look good.

          • rockman29

            Deadmeat is spreading FUD.

            Probably some MS shill who thinks Sony killed his dog.

          • bitcloudrzr

            Don’t bother, this guy got banned from SemiAccurate for spewing bs and now he is here with his delusional rants. Dev kits have already leaked and confirmed pretty much everything and Durango is going to be severely unpowered compared to the PS4.

            We are still waiting for the final specs for the PS4 and even that should be a bigger surprise than a stock Jaguar and Southern Islands gpu.

  • pepess

    durango is = cpu + – play4, durango 1 -> 8 cores vs play4 2 dual 4 cores ( 8 cores )
    durango is GPU 1,2 teraflops vs 1,9 teraflops play4 ( HD7750 vs HD7870 )
    durango is 8gb ddr3 vs play4 8gb gddr5

    durango is 20% or 30% mor lower power than play4

    • luis

      gddr5 is for gpu no ram

      • Smurfman256

        Sony said “8GB GDDR5 UNIFIED RAM” meaning devs can use it for EITHER game code OR VRAM.

  • ethomaz

    GCN 2.0?

  • iceman

    Every body is trying to compare straight numbers with the 2 gpus
    Its kinda hard considering MS gpu is totally custom made and does have more rendering cores
    Sony has faster ram but nobody on any site is factoring how MS move engines will come into play
    We could be seeing a draw as far tech goes or we could see MS in the end actually have a more powerful system or PS4 could be better who knows
    Even the so called tech experts they really dont know about the full potential of MS gpu cause they dont know how the move engines will effect it

  • Jeremy

    we want to know more on durango CPU

    • Deadmeat

      The Durango CPU is being fabbed at IBM and GlobalFoundries high performance SOI process, which suggests a 3.2 ~ 4 Ghz CPU clockspeed regardless of the type. It certainly isn’t the Jaguar because the Jaguar process is incompatible with IBM/GlobalFoundries SOI process. Conversely, the PS4 chipset has Jaguar cores because the TSMC could fab only Jaguar cores.

  • MonkeyNinja

    Could we have a list of what the acronyms in the Liverpool and Retail diagrams please? Without them it makes it hard to compare


    Ps4 is 1.8tfsp xboxnext is 1.2tfdp
    double xbox vs single ps4 floating point precision so you do the math.
    the winner is ?
    that’s why they did not put type of cpu for xbox ,AMDs cpus with gpus and ddr5 can’t do double floating point precision.

    • Deadmeat

      The winner is the Durango. A 20% faster GPU + much more powerful CPU cores.

      • keen

        Dude, please, for the good of anyone looking for legit information just stop typing. NONE of the info you are giving out makes any sense whatsoever and its perfectly clear you don’t know how to decypher or compare this information.

        This article is NOT about CU’s, it is showing you what/where data is sent and how before it reaches them for processing. If you want to bring CU’s into it, the additional compute pipeline resources PS4 has does not LIMIT it to using a certain amount for compute. I suppose because there are only 2 PIPELINES specifically for graphics mean’s it has 2 CU’s in your world correct?

        There are 18 CU’s that can be used for EITHER purpose at any ratio a developer choses.

        RE-READ this article, put any bias for one companies box over the others aside and stop posting nonsense.

        • Bingo

          I think what they are getting at is the very real possibility that all along, they might have been comparing PS4’s 1.8Tflops Single precision (based on 7850-Southern Islands) with perhaps the 1.2Tflops Double Precision of the 8970 (Volcano Islands). Just speculation.

      • pepess

        durango gpu HD7750 vs play4 HD7870
        durango memory ddr3 8gb vs play4 gddr5 8gb
        durango cpu 8 cores 12 CU vs play4 cpu 8 cores 18 CU


        30% play4 faster vs durango

        date full play4 final vs date devkit durango, look date full durango final 1º!

    • fistsofjustice

      Just seen the bit in the Durango CPU overview where it says that it doesn’t have double precision, in fact it doesn’t even have single precision. It only has half precision.

  • Radamantis

    Soo what the difference in performance betwen Ps4 gpu end Hd 7850-70 ?

    • Deadmeat

      The PS4 has a 10 CU GPU and is comparable to a 10 CU Radeon 8800M mobile GPU, save for 100 Mhz upclock. The Vgleaks claims a 12 CU GPU for the Durango, so the Durango’s GPU’s actually 20% faster than the PS4’s GPU in graphics rendering.

      • pepess

        BY SONY, play4 have HD7870 800mhz, HD7870 normal PC is 1ghz, is DIFERENTE, durango have hd7750 800mhz

        800mhz vs 1ghz

        play4 have 18 CU no 10 CU

        actually gpu + cpu + memory play4 30% faster than the durango

        date is = or = 1,2 teraflops durango vs 1,9 teraflops play4 = play4 30% faster vs durango is poor

        by the rumor NOW!, devkit durango vs date BY SONY full

      • rockman29

        What the hell is wrong with this guy.

        Deadmeat stop spreading FUD you idiot.

  • Tor Einar Olsen

    what about an intelligent discussion based on FACTS, not a fanboy’s wet dreams? Anyway, the final specs on both machines will NOT be locked down before MS and Sony are good and ready. probably very close to E3. So let’s keep that in mind shall we…

    • IceCream

      I bet that the leaks are puposeful…..


    Just saying ,but how can you have all this info and not have the cpu data for next xbox. Super dae had a old kit he admitted that.
    If a x86sp is in the xbox ,Ps4 wins. If a powerpc A2dp in xbox then xbox wins. 360’s only last dkits where full specs. These specs are from a
    alpha kit.

  • Guest

    just STFU

  • fistsofjustice

    No it isn’t it’s based on on jaguar cores just like PS4. Except on X-box next they will only use 6 cores for gaming due to OS overheads. So yeah it is weaker, a lot weaker! Then factor in that PS4 has two graphics pipelines and 64 sources of compute commands compared to one graphics pipeline and one source of compute commands on X-box next. This all means that PS4 is a lot more powerful than raw teraflops would have you believe. At first games on PS4 will look a lot better than on X-box next, But as time passes that gulf will only get bigger.