How Classic Games Find New Life Online

5 December, 2016 0

For all of the massive advancement made in gaming over the last few decades, there is something about the relative simplicity of older Atari or even Super Nintendo games that have been hard to replicate […]

Virtual Reality is Coming Closer

16 November, 2016 0

Virtual Reality and accessibility has been a long-term concern for consumers and developers alike, with financial constraints and realistic use being just two of the elements causing conflict. It is a fair assumption that any […]

Myths of online gaming

14 November, 2016 0

Online gaming has become so popular and with new games coming up every now and then, it is seeking a lot of attention. With this, even the myths surrounding online gaming is being spread across […]

Need for Speed Arena trademarked in Europe

9 November, 2016 0

Two days ago EA filed a trademark for Need for Speed Arena in Europe, according to the info we can see on the European Union Intellectual Property Office website. In a May 2016 blog post, […]

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