“Persona 4, Vol. 2″ and “Golden 2 Persona 4″ listed on voice actress online resume

When Atlus launched in September a site teasing the next Persona title, everybody thought that Persona 5 was, finally, coming to our systems. We might be all wrong.

Two days ago, Atlus updated its Persona teaser site with images of Persona 4‘s  bear character Teddie and soon speculations began to spread throughout the Internet. Persona 5 might not be the next title in the saga.



Yesterday, Karen Strassman, the voice actress for Nanako Dojima in Persona 4, listed “Persona 4, Vol. 2″ and “Golden 2 Persona 4″ on her online resume, which suggests that instead of a new numbered entry, we may be looking at a sequel to Persona 4.

All of this is weird, very weird, especially when Index Corporation, Atlus parent company, registered Persona5.jp on June 25.

The Persona teaser site is set for an unveil this Sunday. Stay tuned.




Thanks, AGB and Gematsu.