Project Beast leaked pictures (From Software & SCE Japan Studio, PS4)

The long rumored secret project of Hidetaka Miyazaki (Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls director) could have been exposed. Project Beast would be being developed by From Software and Japan Studio for PS4.

A batch of screens has been leaked:

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The quality of those pictures is horrible, but we can appreciate some glints or sparks between those low res captures. I like the essence of those environments, the filthy graveyard and the main character it’s like a scarecrow. Take notice this character is wielding a shotgun.

It’s like a crossover between Demon’s Souls and Nightmare Creatures.

Thanks, Neo-GAF.

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  • Hollow Soldier

    Fck Yeah!

  • True Radiant Free

    Horrible, another dark and graphically violent looking game.

    • True Radiant Free

      I pray that you repent to Jesus.

  • zorrodood

    where the fuck do you see a shotgun is these blurry pictures??