PROJECT NANO (aka BLUEPRINT) from Epic Games unveiled


Washington DC, year 2043 in a future that shares elements with other Sci-Fi products. This premise should be enough to present “PROJECT NANO”, a game internally called “Blueprint” by Epic Games.

This title could be the new upcoming franchise from Epic, creators of Gears of War & Unreal.

blueprint vgleaks 600x252 PROJECT NANO (aka BLUEPRINT) from Epic Games unveiled | VGLeaks 2.0

Enjoy this sneak peek:

The downtown area is drenched in layer of heavy acidic POLLUTION.  Beneath the choking smog is perpetual night where children don gasmasks to play.   If you could clamber five stories above street level, one might glimpse the sun.   The city expands sideways and slipshod above the pollution.   The rooftops are connected by crisscrossed highways made from bits and pieces, whatever works to stay above the soup.


South-East: The TENTH is a ruined crater.  Concrete slabs float in a soup of nanobots. Shorn high-rises, gnarled with rebar and rubble, claw at the sky.  Thin figures dart between rubble and fog.


North: METACORPS headquarters.   The enormous towers are resplendent in the day; a sentinel that shadows the capital.   A handful of gleaming A-Grav cruisers buzz around its platforms.  From the Capitol, they look like flies. 


LYRIK, 23, muscular, eyes slightly brighter than Napoleon’s Tomb, balances on a flagpole above the smog.  She bounces on her perch and glares at MetaCorps’ HQ.  So much energy on show that she seems caged within her skin.  Standing on the roof behind her, OWEN calmly lights a cigarette. His brow darkens while he breathes smoke, so goddamned impatient.  They hear the rebel signal they’ve been waiting for: the thud of an easterly explosion.  “Time to move,” Owen says but Lyrik has already leapt six stories down into the polluted cloud and she’s gone.  Owen sucks his teeth, flicks his cigarette, and takes his own plunge to the murk below. 


nano1 600x481 PROJECT NANO (aka BLUEPRINT) from Epic Games unveiled | VGLeaks 2.0

nano2 600x439 PROJECT NANO (aka BLUEPRINT) from Epic Games unveiled | VGLeaks 2.0

The following trailer is a mixture of several scenes from different movies showing what we should expect about the game. These types of videos are usually used to give an overall view of the universe of the game and its design to the investors so they can decide whether to green lit or not.

Here you have two more clips where you can see Project Nano/Blueprint running on Unreal Engine 3. As you can see, the game is in a very early state of development:


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This new franchise might consist in a trilogy of games, all of them headed to next gen consoles with strong focus on mobile and social connectivity.

2014 2016 2018
Connectivity Base Expand Expand
Basic Social Social + Social ++
Basic Mobile Mobile + Mobile ++

Main features for Blueprint:

  • Co Op + MP Action game (Gears-size “sandbox” maps)
  • 10-12 hours SP
  • 2 Main Characters (AI Assistant in SP): the first idea was a female character, Lyrik Syverson, and a male one called Owen MacKinnon, but it is very possible that the project will shift to 2 males characters (Owen and Sondo)

nanp lyrik 2 600x433 PROJECT NANO (aka BLUEPRINT) from Epic Games unveiled | VGLeaks 2.0

nano owen 2 1024x732 PROJECT NANO (aka BLUEPRINT) from Epic Games unveiled | VGLeaks 2.0

nano owen sondo PROJECT NANO (aka BLUEPRINT) from Epic Games unveiled | VGLeaks 2.0


  • “Bursting” abilities: New movement style, fast-paced, high energy,  leverage pistol + melee

nano moves 600x439 PROJECT NANO (aka BLUEPRINT) from Epic Games unveiled | VGLeaks 2.0

  • Stranglehold gameplay done right with a cool universe + connectivity
  • Use of gadgets: Density bandolier, Data Filters, B-Lieve Rig, Revive Pack, ThreatSuite, Handforge…


We are not sure if the project has been cancelled at this point or not, but we know that some of the assets/designs from this game/franchise were used in The Samaritan Tech Demo (you can watch again the demo and see Washington DC and Owen in it).

This capture belongs to Project Nano/Blueprint:


nano owen2 600x438 PROJECT NANO (aka BLUEPRINT) from Epic Games unveiled | VGLeaks 2.0

This capture belongs to Samaritan Tech Demo:

samaritan PROJECT NANO (aka BLUEPRINT) from Epic Games unveiled | VGLeaks 2.0

We will share a lot of new info about this project in new articles.

  • Nekrim

    “but it is very possible that the project will shift to 2 males characters (Owen and Sondo)” Yes let’s make yet another testosterone filled macho extravaganza game again, as if there isn’t enough of that out there already. -_-

    • Maynard_VGL

      I like Lyrik, let’s see if they finally keep her in the game…

      • Nekrim

        Yeah me too, we need more strong female leads as heroes in games.

        • Pawkette

          Yes please <3

          • Nekrim

            I imagine the downvotes I got are from misogynist douches :/

          • Pawkette

            Lol, once your eyes are opened it becomes really hard to ignore the obvious doesn’t it 😀

          • Nekrim

            Indeed it is. It really saddens me to see that there are still people out there that would not want to welcome diversity in their games and are pretty much content with the same shit over and over again…

          • Michael Parks

            Damn that! no woman on the battlefield!!! They will just get in the way of the real warriors! The MEN!

            *Disclaimer* This message is not intended to be taken serious.

  • Jason Williams


  • xjumper

    two videos down

    • Maynard_VGL

      Online again! 🙂

  • ELCUCO786

    Nov 14 reveal on Spike? Hmm…

  • Baast

    I hope it comes to PC !

    Make it happen EPIC, PLEASE !!!!!

  • $2181035

    Wow, another gritty sci-fi world that doesn’t make any sense at all. They must hire the same 4 or 5 concept artists for every game these days.

    • lanmanna

      How does it not make sense? LOL

      • $2181035

        Not so much that it doesn’t make sense, although I do think using big swords in a future of mech walkers and projectile weapons is and has always been retarded, and it looks like the heroes are going to have technology that government agencies and mega-corporations don’t even have, which doesn’t make sense to me either (until we get the full story. Maybe they’re billionaires like Bruce Wayne).

        But It’s more that it’s very uninspired and tired, like bits cobbled together from other entertainment. How many sci-fi games and movies do we need where police/military/security wear eyeless face masks that have a slight resemblance to gas masks? Tired of seeing it. Just my opinion. There are many of possibilities out there based on where real world technology is heading, and other, more unique examples in entertainment, but the game and film industry seem to only tap into a small number of cliches

  • Balalaika

    At the moment it seems like the PS4 with Killzone Shadow Fall is the closest “Next Gen Game” that can remotely compare to the visuals and tech that the Samaritan Tech Demo teased us with.

    I hope that in the future more third party studios can improve on allocating system resources and optimize games for the respective console they decide to make games for.

    PS. COD Ghost is a joke of a Port and shouldn’t be used to reflect how bad the PS4 or Xbone systems are.

    • Slay

      You have got to have the most embarrassing avatar that I have ever seen. I weep for humanity…

  • OnlyWar

    Samaritan and Infiltrator are the two best next-gen trailers shown so far… its too bad neither of them are really games.

    If EPIC made a co-op shooter with the main characters from both demos as the two protagonists, it could put Gears to shame.

  • agro

    It’s sad since the death of all the japaneses studios we have to suffer the boring generic casual mediocre shooters from the west

    • Joel

      Ya because japanese anime final fantasy games were really cutting-edge???

  • Joel

    Looks kinda meh, they should just turn the samaritan into a game, Cyberpunk/Blade Runner type game. He can be a cop.