PS4 will receive GTA: Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, Max Payne 2, and Midnight Club 3

Today we  woke up to the news that the ESRB rated a bunch of new and interesting PS4 titles.

Probably they are just PS2 titles emulated on PS4, but the titles rated have been greatly desired by PS4 users:

Rockstar is on fire!

Stay tuned!

  • Goatlips

    I fail to see the “new” PS4 ratings for these games on the ESRB website you hyperlinked. PS4 is not listed as a platform for them.

    • vgleakscom

      Yeah, you’re right.

      However, the PS4 rating was showing on the rate board website a month ago, just when the article was published.

      • Goatlips

        Without a complete graphics overhaul and trophies added they will disappoint. These GTAs, by all accounts, didn’t run well on PS3 and looked poor – what with being a port of port. Still, the soundtracks were higher budget than the GTAV one and had the best dance track ever: