Rare teases “huge year” for 2015. Banjo Kazooie?


Robin Beanland, who is a long time Rare composer, tweeted today that ““This is a HUGE year for Rare… and these notes.” with the following image attached:

banjo 600x340 Rare teases “huge year” for 2015. Banjo Kazooie? | VGLeaks 2.0

This might seem just a simple tweet, but in the past few months we’ve seen some signs that could point to a new Banjo Kazooie game developed by Rare.

First of all, in every Banjo Kazooie games there are musical notes hidden throughout and, besides, Beanland has been posting some images of a banjo, as you can see here.

Furthermore, a verified developer posted on NeoGaf in October a message using Morse Code which saidB-K E3 15“.

Is Microsoft really going to unveil a new Banjo Kazooie game at E3 2015? We’ll have to wait.

Via | NeoGaf

  • Samuel Schroeder

    They better not mess it up like they did with Nuts and Bolts.

  • Austin Hodgens

    Better call Jontron!

  • Davidgr2

    I have no hope for this game. After Microsoft bough Rare, many employees responsible for the original Banjo Kazooie left the company.There’s project Ukulele(Banjo Kazooie’s spiritual successor)by Playtonic Games. With former Rare employees like lead programmer Chris Sutherland, artist Steve Mayles who created Banjo and Kazooie, Viva Piñata designer Gavin Price and composer Grant Kirkhope.