Rumor: Dragon Quest I & Dragon Quest VIII for iOS/Android headed to the west

Woodus, admin of the site, has hacked up the Japanese Dragon Quest VIII APK file giving us some good news.

Apparently, while he was looking into some files, he found many texts translated into German, French, Italian and Spanish. DQ VIII for iOS/Android has been only released in Japan and Square-Enix did not ever mention a western release of the game, but this finding seems to clear up any doubts.


And there’s more.

The ending credits to Dragon Quest I for Android/iOS  lists English translators who worked, for example, on Ni No Kuni.


These are happy times for western Dragon Quest fans.

Thanks, Woodus & NeoGaf.

  • Dave Dogge

    well hurry up, we want it in UK already.

  • Jacob Prater

    Just bought the Japanese version of DQ 1, how do I change it to English?