Rumor: DriveClub release date could have been accidentally revealed


Yesterday, user 100mph of PSNation allegedly saw a tweet where DriveClub release date was revealed.

The tweet – from DriveClub twitter feed, now removed- said that the game would release on “9.4.14″ . Later, a “Exact date is still TBC” text could be read on the same Twitter account.

100mph, however, managed to capture the evidence:

driveclubleak zps185b1f3c 600x317 Rumor: DriveClub release date could have been accidentally revealed | VGLeaks 2.0

It is worth mentioning that Evolution Software (DC developer)are based in Europe, so the date could be pointing to a release date set for April.

What do you think?

Source | MP1st

  • MrSec84 .

    It could be the real one, but nothing’s set in stone until Sony brings the official adverts & statements that the game’s definitely launching on the 9th of April this year.

    Seeing that Sony’s already made statements saying announcements will come soon this could be right.

    I’m wondering whether Sony will wait to announce after Infamous comes out, though that would mean it’s announcement would be after GDC.
    Maybe Sony will announce Driveclub’s release date on their pre-GDC show, so that they can then focus on all of the game’s they’ve already announced within their main show at GDC, but need to nail down for the months to come this year.

    It’s a fact that Sony has a lot to reveal, with 14 in house developers making games for PS4, some of those with 2 studios & Sony wanting to reveal basically everything before the end of this year they need to use what limited time they have at the major shows to push all of these games.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that come GDC we see many release dates being set, with nearly 20 exclusive in house developer games to announce at E3, along with any 2nd party & Indie titles.

    Anybody winging about PS4 having no games will be shut up very soon, no doubt there will have to be months where more than one exclusive is released, exciting times for be a PS4 owner IMO.