Rumor: Durango always online, forget the second-hand games, and new Kinect


This week we have seen the GPU and the Move Engines from Durango. The experts are now talking about the reports, is there a special sauce inside Durango? That’s not a topic for me.

Microsoft could change their console philosophy with Durango; new rumors are talking in that direction. Fasten your seatbelts:

Durango would require a permanent internet connection. Yes, if you want to play a single adventure, you would have to be online. Whatever you will play, you must be online. Take the time machine and come back 3 years ago to erase the responsible person.

Do you like to buy second-hand games? Seize the opportunity to buy the last ones in Xbox 360, because Durango won’t allow you to load second-hand games. Another use for the permanent internet connection. Great.

Expect a improve Kinect, maybe this version works fine. The peripheral will come along with the console. Games will be in 50GB Blu-Ray discs.

Thanks, EDGE.

  • Nobbers

    Gah. More bad news….. :'(

    • Riley

      that’s what pc gamers thought when they discovered steam… Look at them now, it enables devs to put games at a lower price and have better sales.

      • abricot

        players who buy their game in steam are minority, don’t take your case as an intengible reality. I hate steam, like 90% of PC players.

        • Riley

          Most PC gamers like steam. There were 25 million users in 2010…And the most popular on PC. You can use games on any computer with you’re account, free games, and huge sales, what is there not to like?

          • Jack

            I can play my steam games even if my internet connection goes down and Microsoft and Sony show no real desire to sell games cheap at Steam prices, even EA on Origin still sells at retail price

    • chuckyj

      More bad news from documents dated over a year ago? Too many people jumping to conclusions here.

  • RDream1

    The PS4 will not be able to play used games either. Anyway I found something very interesting today I’m getting really excited about Sony’s PS4 unveiling on Feb 20th so I was watching some of the videos from E3 last year that could very well be Next Gen and watch dogs in particular that game just looks to damn good to be current gen and as I was watching something caught my eye. When they first start the demo the person playing is clearly holding a wired PS3 controller then half way through the demo in the night club they show the person who is playing again but this time it is a completely different controller I played it back several times and it looks to me like a hybrid of a Dualshock and 360 controller and it was wireless this time. There are leaks of Sony redesigning the Dualshock. I was like no Im just seeing things its just a 360 controller. But its a wireless controller and no battery pack is visible also the top of the controller (where the shoulder buttons are) looks different. But the main thing that stuck out to me was that something in the center of the controller is glowing like a touch screen or something. There is also a leak about the new PlayStation controller having a touch screen. Am I just seeing things or am I on to something here? Judge for yourself go to YouTube and type in Watch Dogs Ubisoft E3 2012 Press Conference.

    • Usman Mohammad

      Watch dogs was running on PC and was using a wired 360 controller.

    • guch20

      Sony CEO Jack Tretton specifically stated that the PS4 can run used games. Quit making shit up.

  • WTF Orbis and Durango THINK THER’RE DOING

  • Hold on, always connected? I don’t believe this. Maybe in the US and Canada that won’t represent a problem for at least 70-80% of the population, but in worldwide terms this would be devastating. Think about Latin America, the Caribbean, Northern Africa and some underdeveloped Asian countries. It’s like saying “nop, we don’t need your money” that’s bullocks. Most countries are pretty much underdeveloped. Most of the richest countries are in North America, Asia and Occidental Europe, the rest of the World is a total different story. For example in Bulgaria (eastern europe) half of the population uses the Internet. Even worse in Russia, a devastatingly enormous country, just less than 38% of the people use Internet daily. I don’t think the situation in there will be any different soon. What is this telling you? They are committing a HUGE mistake, of course. Either this info is incomplete, it’s a terribly misunderstood message or Microsoft marketing department really sucks, which is very unlikely.

    Besides many people hate DRM, it makes no sense. I think they are trying to beat pirates, except they can’t because they always knock Microsoft during the first year, and on top of that will loose an additional portion of the market. If people can do what you want doesn’t mean they want to. This sounds atrocious Billy, better fix this before launch I don’t want Microsoft having an eye on me all the time, for marketing purposes this is great, but not for us users.

    I love used games, you can always get the best deals and prices in the market for less than half the original price. I don’t intend to spend my hard earned money just in video games, that’s really funny =) MAKE ME. I’m a poor person, yet a dignified one!

    • Demosthenes

      It’s a problem in America, too, if you don’t live in a major city (which the vast majority of the population doesn’t). America has pretty much the worst internet connectivity of any first-world nation, due to being so rural and so distrusting of government infrastructure (which to some extent is a self-perpetuating duo).

  • xxx

    Leave a message…both will die nintendo isnt stealing from us and this consumer theft is clearly in respose to nintendos huge and long lasting disruption of the industry

    there trying to profit thru theft LOL everything about these systems STICKS who wants a glorifed ATOM cpu in there console LOL

  • Cheryl Cole

    I like this news 🙂 we are not in 2005 anymore. get over it.

    • Robbie Rob

      Ms wont make used games unplayable.. Bet on it? They arent that dumb

    • guch20

      You like being a slave to Microsoft’s wishes. Poor you.

  • Robbie Rob

    Please.. MS isnt that dumb.. They wont make used games unplayable.. In fact if anyone wants to google it .. Sony was the one that patented technology that made used games unplayable- but Sony chose -for now -not to. Articles like this exist because alot of people come to the website and they make more cash

  • chuckyj

    Probably derived from the same year old+ documents every one else has been posting. A lot of decisions can change in over a years span.
    People just need to wait until MS gives the official details, because everyone is posting the same rumor off really old information…

  • Zod

    So everyone gets an always connected spycam in the house, kewl! 😛

  • Lezleigh Fairchild

    Looks Like I’m Getting a Wii-U & Older 360 Glassics b4 Gamestop Closes Down. smh.