Rumor: Durango reveal due 21st May, price 500$ or 300$ with or without a mandatory subscription


Microsoft could unveil Durango/Xbox 720 in the last days of May. 21 could be the turn for Microsoft and its next-gen vision. MS should confirm or refuse the latest rumors with an official press release. If not, PS4 will continue growing up its reserves along the globe.

Paul Thurrot, a veteran analyst, confirms the always on feature for Durango. Moreover he has added more information about the console:

Microsoft would offer two modality for the Xbox 720 purchase. First, 500$. Second, 300$ + mandatory subscription. Therefore, same machine, different ways to acquire it.

Also, Microsoft could sell a basic Xbox 360 called Stingray, it would be an affordable model with a cost of 99$.

With respect to the Adam Orth topic, one source reported us his layoff. He is no longer working at MS.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

  • rasmithuk

    Just thought I’d add that since he posted this Paul has said that he doesn’t know what they mean by ‘Always Online’.

    I’m hoping it’s a confusion of the ‘Always On, Always Connected’ phrase used in the Durango SDK leak published on this site.

    Here they’re talk about the console going into a low-power state rather then turning off (always on) so it can download games and updates in the background (always connected) so it’s ready when you turn it on, rather then having to wait.

    • eternallord

      And ALWAYS CONNECTED could be for the second model(media machine not gaming machine)

    • John Nunez

      That would be amazing lol. Yeah REQUIRING a internet connection is stupid, but making it take advantage of it, is amazing.

  • Always On

    $500 is not a low-end game system.

    $100 = kinetic
    $400 = system

  • David




    hahaha, fuck you M$, I’m off.

  • Jen

    Adam Orth fired? lol, deal with it

  • Paul didn’t confirm those prices at all, he just randomly rattled off some numbers. Always check source material guys.

  • dejan

    Why is everyone so pissed about the price at $500? I’m Happy its $500 that means it will have longer legs in this fast-pace market and will keep up longer with high-end computers. its Simple. HIGHER THE COST= MORE POWERFUL

    people will still buy it. look at the Iphone which is a few $100 more. and millions of people are brain-washed to buy that crappy over-priced shit.