Rumor: Gears of War: Judgment, first title in a new GoW trilogy

Gears of War license was/is one of the most successful projects for the current gen. GoW prints money, therefore we should expect more games in the future. Thus, according the latest rumor, Gears of War: Judgment could be the first game in a new trilogy based on the Gears universe.

Apparently this info has been extracted from a CV of one person that has worked on GoW: Jugdment. Please, check it out for yourselves:

gow judgment

In one way or another, Gears will have more games in the horizon. Xbox One must have its own Gears of War; it’s obvious, so much so that Master Chief will have games for many years. I would like to play a Gears of War being underpinned by the Pendulum wars. It would offer a new side for the already known conflict.

Thanks, Softpedia.

  • the artist

    Good to know there’s more gears, but if that’s a new trilogy, Judgment was a terrible start.

    • John Nunez

      Exactly why I can’t help but feel, meh. Judgment took everything away that made Gears, Gears. They had better do a complete 180 and get rid of that waste of space called Overun.