Rumor: Jet Pack coming to GTA V


Rockstar decided not to include the Jet Pack in GTA V… at least when they released the game back in September.

Now, a Se7enSins member called Chr0m3 x MoDz has discovered several references to the Jet Pack while digging into Grand Theft Auto V (1.12) source code.

A string called “JETPACK” has appeared in the xex file from the 1.12 update of GTA V. In the previous version of the same file the reference did not appear.

DAkrEkV 600x42 Rumor: Jet Pack coming to GTA V | VGLeaks 2.0

Furthermore, many more evidences appear in the same file. Take a look:

  • Prop_SPA_Jetpack
  • CTaskJetpack
  • DRIVEBY_JETPACK // Setting it so you can shoot from the JETPACK just like parachute
  • .?AUTunables@CTaskJetpack@@
  • ?AVCTaskMotionJetpack@@
  • .?AVCJetpack@@
  • .?AVCTaskJetpack@@
  • .?AVCGadgetJetpack@@ // the actual jetpack just like parachute.
  • TASK_JETPACK(int unk);
  • XBL Toothpik found possible skis .data:838E1118 00000012 C .?AVCGadgetSkis@@
  • .rdata:820571DC 0000000D C START_SKIING
  • .rdata:820571D4 00000007 C SKIING
  • .rdata:820571C4 0000000E C FINISH_SKIING

Is Jet Pack coming to GTA V? Could Rockstar be considering to add it as a DLC?

Stay tuned.

P.S.: If anyone wants to check this, the info  is located at 0x82FE2C7C in the 1.12 xex.

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Source | Se7enSins

Via | BehindGames

  • spikeysyco81

    i’ve seen a video on youtube with the video and how to unlock the jetpack, survive 2 gta days (48 real world minutes) inside the prison and save after, i dont think you have to make it out alive, then you have to get a plane/chopper and parachute into the IAA building window, the room where micheal rescue’s the guy that gets torchored (some rescue) in the elevator you’ll find the jet pack icon spinning (cj san andreas style) when you collect it, it disappears and you get given an address, go to the address and the garage will open revealing the real jetpack, i believe that would be the task referance in the source code in your article,

    • Pjot1234

      It’s been checked by cvg’s GTA5 o’clock and…’s a hoax!!

  • IH8Cheaters

    Stop telling everybody about stupid glitches and cheats. It just makes R* take longer to put heists online.

    • spikeysyco81

      you on about what i said or the article? i mentioned no cheats or glitches, merely a task