Rumor: Metal Gear Rising for PS Vita?

This is quite unexpected and may be just a glitch, but a trophy list appears when you look up Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on a PS Vita system. See the picture below.


MGR: Revengeance was, initially, not developed by Platinum Games and it was announced for the hanheld, but the project was, suppossedly, cancelled long time ago, just when Platinum took the project.

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Now this trophy list revives the rumor. Would you buy a PS Vita only for this game? I know many that would without any hesitation.

  • Anon

    Even if it only appeared after the DLC trophies were added, someone probably just got lazy or misunderstood some technical wording and ticked the wrong box when submitting the game.

  • Thecoolguy

    Lmao. It’s just a glitch. It’s NOT coming to vita, get over it people.