Rumor: Microsoft could offer exclusive TV content, Heroes could come back


Microsoft is changing its policy, its gaming strategy. The brand could want to offer a new service with Durango and Xbox Mini. We have exclusive games on Microsoft’s platforms and now we could have exclusive TV content for the Xbox service.

Heroes would be the first stone in this new structure. According rumors, Microsoft is in talks to revive Heroes. The TV series would be relaunched with new Heroes, stories and cameos from the first series.

This rumor guarantees the set top box strategy for Durango & Xbox Mini. In other words, the company is working on a multimedia device.

Heroes had bored seasons, but the first one was amazing. Before I forget, Hayden Panettiere has to repeat her cheerleader role.

Thanks, Neo-GAF.

  • tt

    Heroes always sucked. The last season was a convoluted mess.

    • Fred

      You’re right but first season was ok . Anyway, why would they revive this? It’s dead for a reason…

      • Joseph Grutt

        I gotta disagree, the second half of the third season and the fourth weren’t bad at all. Would’ve been better with a 5th and I’m kind of hoping this gives the series a chance to show what it could’ve done with one more year. The second season is what really hurt it, since it happened during the major writers strike and the first half of the third season was spent trying to clean it up.

  • Thomper

    I think the wider idea is more interesting than simply the “Heroes” element. A show which I didn’t personally care for.

  • Luke

    Oh dear lord, please do not do this. Although talking of shows coming back, Arrested Development I am so excited for!

  • Wanna be Gamers

    Great, because I buy video game consoles to watch TV.

    • Thomper

      It’s kind of inevitable though, so might as well embrace the future!

  • epobirs

    Too many of the actors have other commitments in film and TV. They’d pretty much have to reboot with mostly new characters. Which is just as well since the old show got so self-contradictory that it disappeared up its own ass. Get back to the original concept and start over.