Rumor: Microsoft could unveil Durango/Xbox 720 at FY2014 event (5-6-7 March)


Microsoft is coming closer to the next-gen, the company has to present Durango before the E3. We could see Durango in April, this would be a massive presentation as Sony did with PS4. We haven’t got an official confirmation yet.

The Redmond enterprise could have saved the date for Durango. Microsoft could present Xbox 720 at FY2014. This is an event for game press, investors and their company partners. The event agenda doesn’t mention a Durango presentation, but it doesn’t means that Durango won’t be there.

Whether Microsoft will present Durango at FY2014 or not, this will be a close act, so, we should wait for a leak to know something. One way or the other, we will see Durango at E3 2013. That’s for sure.

Thanks, IBT.

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