Rumor: New Forza and Ryse, launch titles for Durango


Yesterday, we detailed the Microsoft strategy. Today, The Verge has got spark details for the Durango’s launch titles. Assuming this rumor as right, Microsoft would sell 4 exclusive titles for the Xbox 720 launch (at least four), aside the third-parties ones. List of games:

Ryse: Former Codename Kingdoms. Crytek is developing the game and Microsoft assists the process. They are working together to get an AAA game. Ryse would be the Gears of War/Halo megaton for Durango. This game would take advantage of the upgrade specs of the new Kinect.

Forza: New iteration with super life-like visuals.

Zombie game: No info provided for this one.

Family game: Pixar style graphics.

I have had an odd vibe about the zombie and the family game. I have to relate the new Kinect with those games. I would have preferred a new PGR instead of Forza and the Zombie game should be a new Dead Rising. Let me dream, it’s free.

Thanks, The Verge.

  • SighMon

    “yse would be the Gears of War/Halomegaton for Durango.” – No, it wouldn’t. It’s been known for a while that this is headed to Durango, by those who know anything.

  • PlayStation 4

    Weak, very weak.

    • Ben A

      you mean the ps4 hardware

    • sonyfanIamcrying

      I know, you’re pissed

  • asfd

    halo 5 pls

  • Zybra

    Forza “super life-like visual”, it’s probably meaning some ray tracing in it !

    Sonyfans hang in there it’s will blow you 😉

    • Jeff Pee

      well… if it’s gonna “blow you”, count me in!!! Sonyfans rejoice LOL

      do you realize how much rawvprocessing power it takes to do real time “ray
      tracing”? real time ray tracing… Sonyfans…. xboxfans…

      • fistsofjustice

        Actually Media Molecules title uses ray-tracing, or a variant on it called ray marching. Read Alex Evans twitter feed to see what tech is in there. Voxels, distance fields, points, tris and raymarching. So sorry Zybra but Sony already beat you to it!

        • Zybra

          lol, use some ray tracing thing in a 2D scrolling cheap game it’s not the same compared to a whole 3D game like the upcoming Forza in Durango ! Deal with it 🙂

          • fistsofjustice

            It’s actually a full 3d title moron! Watch the presentation again. They have already stated it’s a full 3d title. Now go to school sonny! DEAL WITH IT!!!

          • Zybra

            Poor sonyboy, keep dreaming until Durango announcement, you will cry a lot at that glory day. 🙂

          • fistsofjustice

            What even when PS4 is clearly better? Even Nvidia’s president says so.

          • Zybra

            This is not Nvidia you ignorants, this is Jon Peddie a journalist who have no concrete info about Xbox 3. But it still funny to see you keep believing, hope you’re alright on the 21st mai it’s close now. Prepare to be strong on that day, greeting. 🙂

          • zybraisacock

            Xbox one is much weaker than PS4 it’s official! I know your crying right? Or was I blinded by all the raytracing they did? 🙂

          • fistsofjustice

            You’re wrong Nvidia’s president gave a break down of the hardware and clearly stated that xbox one is weaker. I’m not talking about the stories on this site.

          • fistsofjustice

            You are a serial fantasist that clearly can’t the see the truth in front of him PS4 is more powerful than the next crapbox. The specs and numbers are there for all to see.

          • fistsofjustice

            Actually numb nuts, Killzone shadowfall uses raytracing for reflections and refractions. Google it and watch the video.

    • fistsofjustice

      Check out Media Molecules demo if you want to see ray-tracing fool!

      • Jeff Pee

        damn, laying down the knowledge. Thanks for the info!

        Is Ray marching as intense as Ray Tracing? The only thing I ever hear about, when it comes to Ray tracing, is movies. CGI movies apparently use Ray Tracing and it takes farms of GPU servers.

        • fistsofjustice

          Ray marching is more intensive than basic ray tracing as it takes multiple samples of the ray along it’s pathway. It can also be called volumetric ray tracing. If you want more detailed info google ray marching you’ll get a much more detailed answer than I can give you on this site.

  • fistsofjustice

    Ryse a Kinect title, ROFL. Microsoft’s obsession with that and Win8 is killing the company. PC sales are down a massive 13.9 per cent on last year, the largest on record. And thats only the shipment figures. Retail sales are actually said to be even worse! And guess what the markets are blaming? Yep Win8! And you X-bots will have it in your consoles! Good luck with that one.

    • willhe

      last time i check the metro landscape was in xbox prior to win8 so i think were used to it. pc sales are down because people are using tablets and phones more than laptops. win8 is great for tablets but its definitely terrible as a ui for desktop. so youre a sony fangirl good luck with that

      • fistsofjustice

        Yeah and metro on 360 is also terrible! If you like advertisements galore then you go right ahead, knock yourself out! Sigh!

      • fistsofjustice

        Win8 great for tablets ha ha ha! that’s why no-one is buying it then? Because millions of people are rushing out to buy a Surface aren’t they.

        • Sigh…

          So no one is buying Surface because Win 8 on tablets suck? Yet they still sell millions of Win 8 PCs, so I guess that means it is good. Hehe, you have the logic of a child. Things are never that simple.

          • fistsofjustice

            No it isn’t selling millions on PC! In fact the sales figures are so bad M$oft won’t even release them. The awful downturn in the market doesn’t just apply to tablets. It means the entire PC market as a whole. Win8 is so bad it has pretty much killed the market. A decrease of 13.9 per cent in a single quarter is devastating for them. They will be in deep trouble in the next few years don’t say you haven’t been warned!

          • Steven McGrieven

            You’re an idiot. Microsoft is fine. If anyone is in trouble this upcoming gen, it’s Sony. They are quite literally hemorrhaging money and have been for what, 6 years now? I like Microsoft, and I like Sony. I don’t want to see either of them die out, but I don’t think they will. However, stating that Microsoft is “in deep trouble” is just stupid fanboy blabber bullshit.

          • fistsofjustice

            They are in deep trouble! Their even starting to blame the failure of Win8 on the OEM’s now. They have bigger problems than Playstation now namely IOS and Android. And saying that they don’t is burying your head in the sand.

          • fistsofjustice

            Are you sure your not that wanker zybra in disguise? Just saying because your illiterate styles are remarkably similar!

          • fistsofjustice

            Are you sure you’re not zybra in disguise? Because your dumb way of answering is very similar!

  • dradis

    Lol just what I want to do after work play a game that involves u moving around everywhere gj ms and kinect…….

  • DarkLord1003

    Kinect seemed like a good idea… motion control is a good idea. problem is that a lot of gamers, me included, just want to sit on their couch and relax. BTW I live in a very big city in a apartment and I don’t really have space for kinect. So kinect is not for everybody. I just hope it is going to be optional…