Rumor: new PSVita 4G model arriving?

Perhaps we are not only going to see  news about Orbis/PS4 at Sony’s event late this month.

We were told to “see the future” at February by Sony, that could involve both PS4-Orbis… and Vita (well, and almost for sure, some surprise for PS3)

A new Vita patent has been found in USA, with 55977 code, showing a new desing and model of Sony’s latest hanheld.  It seems to be a 4G model, with a HDMI port and some kind of new USB plug.

This patent could lead to a price cut in current Vita’s price so the new model stands at 299$ and, besides, some are suggesting this would also arrive  with a cheaper price for (propietary) memory cards used with the hanheld.

Here’s the pic of the patent where you can clearly see “Next Gen Vita“.




What do you think about this revision? Every cut price is a good new for us, players, but, how will the market react to another Vita model?


Thanks to Leviathyn.

  • LightAndShadow

    this is not a new vita design, this is the dev kit model you idiots.

  • johan

    it would would be nice to put inthe latest and best nvidia core on so it can play full ps3 games